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Fa-Nuit-Hen, a demiprince

A Demiprince (sometimes spelled Demi-Prince[1]) is the Daedric offspring of a Daedric Prince or Daedra Lord and a lesser entity such as a mortal. They are said to emerge from a unique conjoining of purest creatia from the realm of a Daedric Prince or Daedra Lord and "something more, including either the essence of a soul in case the other party is a mortal, or an influence more esoteric and hard to put in mortal terms. The formation of a Demiprince is always an intentional act on the part of their Princely parent, and can not occur by accident.[2]Though their origins lie with one of the Daedric Princes or Daedra Lords, some Demiprinces like Fa-Nuit-Hen are also described as having existed since before time began, as is by and large the case with greater Daedra.[3]

Although they often inherit aspects of their princely parent, they are notably eccentric and can be lacking in characteristics such as foresight, memory, cruelty, or willfulness. Some acquire, or are given, minor realms of Oblivion to rule, although many of these pocket realities are bizarre even by the standards of Oblivion. Much like the Daedric Princes, Demiprinces shape their domains via their will, able to manifest anything they can visualize clearly or determine how the realm interacts with time.[4][3][5] Though they enjoy great power and prestige in Oblivion, the type of attention this can attract is said to be a double-edged blade, for this reason their identities tend to remain unknown, even among the Daedra.[2]

A Demiprince that is considered scion of a Daedric Prince doesn't always arise from the creatia of that Prince's realm originally, as Daedric Princes have been known to adopt other spirits as scions even if their realm's creatia wasn't involved in their creation. Some sources claim Fa-Nuit-Hen is one such Demiprince, adopted by Boethiah, as no spirit could continue claiming to be a Prince's scion for so long without that Prince's approval.[2]

Some demiprinces are known to visit Mundus for the express purpose of interacting with mortals, an act usually abhorred by regular Daedra.[6][3]

Known Demiprinces include:

  • Fa-Nuit-Hen, the Multiplier of Motions Known, is a known demiprince.[7] He is the scion of Boethiah and rules over his pocket realm, the Maelstrom.[8]
  • The Demi-Prince of Pastries, of whom little is known, save that she hadn't been seen for some time circa 2E 582. Sheogorath considers her to be one of the few worthy of wielding his Wabbajack.[1]
  • Dearola, the Daughter of Hircine, is referred to as a demigoddess. The Song of Gwyna tells that she intermingled with Reachfolk, and one of her descendants was Chief Rowolan, the enemy of the Horn-stride clan, whose mythical prowess was attributed to his lineage. The song, however, has different versions, all of which lead to Rowolan's bloodline ending.[9]


  • Morihaus is said to be the Demiprince of All Winds.[UOL 1] The word demiprince is a misnomer in this context, as the term "demigod” more accurately describes him.[8]
  • There are several figures who are believed to be the progeny of Daedric Princes, but it is unknown if they are demiprinces. Such individuals include: Alandro Sul, Emmeg Gro-Kayra, Haymon Camoran, Indoril Nerevar, Molag Grunda, and Ozozzachar.
  • Demiprinces are also called Daedra Lords,[3] but like Daedric Princes, all Demiprinces are Daedric Lords, not all Daedra Lords are Demiprinces.
  • An anonymous Second Era merchant known as the Impresario was rumored to be a demiprince who disguised herself as a mortal in order to travel Tamriel. This was one of many fanciful theories put forward to explain her penchant for trading vast amounts of treasure in return for tales of valor and victory.[10]


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