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Molag Grunda
MW-creature-Molag Grunda.jpg
Molag Grunda circa 3E 427
Race Winged Twilight Gender (no gender)
Resided in Coldharbour
Appears in Morrowind, ESO

Molag Grunda is a powerful Winged Twilight. She is the daughter of Molag Bal, although it is unclear what this relationship means to the Daedric Prince.[1] She has been described as being sarcastic and rude.[2]

Molag Grunda was once charged with guarding the path across the Chasm of Coldharbour, which divides the Shrouded Plain and the Black Garrison from the Fist of Stone.[3] She was known to be a cruel mistress, and the Dremora sent to serve at her court were never happy with their assignment.[1] She kept a pet flesh atronach named Tiny for protection.[4]

The need to defend the Chasm's crossing grew when the Endless Stair was constructed by the Mad Architect in the Fist of Stone circa 2E 579, making the region's protection essential to proceed with Molag Bal's attempted Planemeld with Mundus.[4] In 2E 582 an invasion force from Tamriel came to Coldharbour to end the Planemeld, assembling in the Hollow City.[4] The invaders attacked the Chasm to secure passage to the Endless Stair, and Molag Grunda was slain in her gatehouse along with Tiny.[4]

Some time after this, Molag Grunda came to Tamriel, where she consorted with a lowly frost atronach named Nomeg Gwai.[5] They made their lair in the uncharted cave of Dubdilla, in the Grazelands of Vvardenfell. Molag Bal was not pleased with this match, and in 3E 427 he sent the Nerevarine to kill them in return for a vampirism cure.[5] Molag Grunda's soul then returned to Oblivion, where she and her lover were punished by Molag Bal.[5]



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