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Alandro Sul
Race Chimer Gender Male
Resided in Vvardenfell

Alandro Sul (or Alandro-Sul) was the shield-companion of Nerevar during the War of the First Council.[1] It is said he is the immortal son of Azura. According to an ancient Nordic account of the Battle of Red Mountain, he wore the Wraith Mail during the battle, and fought the Ash King Wulfharth. He defeated Wulfharth, but was struck blind during the fight.[2] After the battle, he lived with the Ashlanders, and is credited with spreading the belief among them that the Tribunal murdered Nerevar.[1][3]


  • During Morrowind's development, there were cut plans to expand this character's relevance to the story. For example, the "Thousand Ringlets of Alandro Sul" were the remains of Alandro Sul's chainmail headpiece called Wraith Mail into which his mind had been blasted, allowing him to possess the minds of the wearers. All Ashlanders would have worn one of the ringlets as an earring, allowing them to hear the profane whispers of Alandro Sul spreading the truth of the Tribunal's origins.[UOL 1] None of this ultimately made it into the game, though the idea was picked up for use by Michael Kirkbride during The Trial of Vivec roleplay campaign.
  • It is unknown if Alandro Sul's description as a son of Azura should be interpreted in a literal sense, although if this is literally true it would by definition make him a Daedric Demiprince.[4]


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