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A modern dreugh

According to the teachings of Mankar Camoran, Lyg was ruled by the dreugh in the Dawn Era.[1] The tyrannical dreugh-kings enslaved the "nineteen and nine and nine" oceans of Lyg and fought constant border wars among themselves.[1] This correlates with the teachings of the Tribunal Temple, which state that Molag Bal had served as the chief of the dreughs in a form that was "spiny and armored and made for the sea", the after-image of which was reborn in Tamriel and known as the Ruddy Man.[2]

Mehrunes Dagon is said to have been created and imbued with hope by the Magna Ge in the bowels of Lyg. Dagon then raised a "red legion" in rebellion and destroyed the Towers of CHIM-EL GHARJYG, casting down its cities and destroying the continent. In this way, Dagon "freed" Nirn from Creation.[1] According to some sources, this destruction took place in the prior kalpa.[UOL 1]

This story coincides with the teaching of pre-ri'Datta Khajiit Priest Amun-Dro, which states that before the creation of the world, the Demon Cat Dagon (Also called Merrunz) fell to the Demon King Molagh within the Great Darkness, where he was imprisoned and tortured until the wife of Molagh freed Merrunz and used his destructive nature as a weapon to assault the Lattice.[3]

Replicating this mythic event was the main goal of Camoran's Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433, when he succeeded in temporarily breaking Akatosh's covenant, destroying the Crystal Tower, and bringing Dagon to Tamriel.[4][1][5] The Augur of the Obscure stated he had a different form in the adjacent place, and described the prior, better temperament of the Dreugh. This along with his particular disdain for Molag Bal suggests he’s visited or originally resided in Lyg.[6]



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