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"As my first act, I declare that in commemoration of this historical moment, beginning on the first of Morning Star, we will enter year one of the Second Era as time will be reckoned. Thus, we mourn the loss of our Imperial family, and look forward to the future.”
Emperor-Potentate Versidue-Shaie
Race Tsaesci Gender Male
Died 2E 324
Reign 1E 2920-
2E 324
Previous Ruler Reman III
Next Ruler Savirien-Chorak
Resided in Imperial City

Versidue-Shaie was a prominent Tsaesci who served as the Akaviri Potentate of the late First Era. Though initially the Emperor's trusted advisor,[1] he took over the Imperial throne after Reman III died, and declared martial law.


In the Second Era, the Potentate had The Rose built on the ruins of Blackrose by his mage advisor Pelladil Direnni.[2] The facility was still the most secure and notorious prison on Tamriel by the end of the Third Era.[3] At some unknown point, Versidue built a large mansion as a retreat from Senchal on the southern coast of Elsweyr.[4]

Versidue-Shaie ratified the Cervant Truce that ended the disastrous Four Score War with Morrowind, and suppressed the private armies of the Imperial nobility.[5] He was a character in the popular historical fiction 2920, The Last Year of the First Era, which detailed the events leading up to the truce.

Versidue-Shaie was known for many additions to the Empire's cavalry. During the early years of his rule he dedicated resources to hunt and kill Reman loyalists. In 2E 4 he established the wolf rider forces, which later caused panic in Shornhelm in the province of High Rock.[6][7] One year later, in 2E 5 his battlemages designed new enchanted barding used by those who were sent to hunt the loyalists.[8][9] Two years later, in 2E 7 his forces scoured the province of Skyrim.[10][11] Bear riding forces were introduced in 2E 23. Bears were utilized by the 10th Legion. Bear parades of the legion were held in Leyawiin.[12][13] In 2E 25 several herds of camels were purchased by the Potentate in order to hunt loyalists who fled to the desert regions.[14] Two years later, the Dunmeri assassins in service of the Potentate were known to use guar steeds in the province of Morrowind, during their pursue of Reman loyalists in 2E 27.[15][16] Sightings of unique, magically imbued mounts of the Potentate were recorded in 2E 29, 2E 30, 2E 35 and 2E 42.[17][18][19]

He passed the Guild Act in 2E 321, three years before his death, allowing what would become the Fighters Guild to be formed so merchants and vassals could protect themselves in lieu of a standing army.[20][21] The Guild Act also ratified other guilds, notably the Mages Guild.[22] Under his reign, the Dragonguard were reactivated as an intelligence network rather than an honor guard.[23] The Dragonguard counted their enemies among those who conspired to cut down the Potentate, protecting the Ruby Throne long after he was gone.[24]

He was assassinated in Senchal, apparently by the Morag Tong, as their name was drawn on the wall in the Potentate's blood,[25][26][27] though certain elements of this narrative have been rejected by some Dunmeri scholars.[28] He was then succeeded by his heir, Savirien-Chorak.[20]

His long life was apparently unusual for a Tsaesci, with some suspecting that powerful magic was responsible for it.[29] Other sources however, attribute immortality to all members of his race.[25][20]