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Avita Pitio
Home Settlement Hakoshae
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Priest
Avita Pitio

Avita Pitio is an Imperial priest banging a drum in Hakoshae's square.


"Potentate Versidue-Shaie ruled Cyrodiil for hundreds of years before his death.
No one is quite sure what allowed this longevity, as it certainly isn't a common trait for the Akaviri to have. One can only guess that powerful magics were at play."
"Did you know that it was Potentate Versidue-Shaie who sanctioned the Guilds Act? If not for him, we wouldn't have the Mages Guild, the Fighters Guild, and so many others.
The Akaviri gave so much to Tamriel, with so little given in return."
"It was the Potentate who declared the Second Era had begun.
Can you imagine a man so imposing that he would declare the end of an entire era? Truly, the Akaviri people must have been quite influential to have such an impact."