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The Hands of Almalexia (or simply Her Hands) are private temple guards for the Tribunal goddess Almalexia of Morrowind, chosen from the most skilled warriors in the Tribunal Temple. Their bodies and souls are fortified by divine magic, and their armor and weapons bear fearsome divine enchantments.[1]

Circa 2E 582, the Hands were numerous, and were charged with guarding Mournhold along with the Ordinators when it served as the capital of the Ebonheart Pact. The Vestige was named a Hand of Almalexia while ridding Deshaan of the Maulborn menace.[2] By 3E 427, the Hands had been reduced to six individuals, and the High Ordinators had taken over guard duty of the city. They served as Almalexia's personal protectors as her divinity began to fail, and were led by her steward, Fedris Hler.[1] That year, the Nerevarine killed Hand Salas Valor after he left Almalexia's service.[3]

After the rise of the New Temple, Almalexia was relegated to the position of Temple Saint.[4] Worship of the Tribunal as gods was treated as a heresy by the New Temple, and worshippers of the Goddess was therefore persecuted.[5] However, the Hands of Almalexia continued to exist. The tradition was passed down over several generations, with each new Hand having their body imbued with Her divine power.[6] Circa 4E 201, the last remaining Hands served Matriarch Drevlan at a secret Tribunal temple on Solstheim known as Ashfall's Tear. Hand Kenro Hlan attacked the Last Dragonborn within the ruins of Fahlbtharz and was killed, although it is unknown if the remaining two Hands survived.[7]


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