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The Crown of Barenziah (Skyrim)

The Crown of Barenziah is the coronation crown of the eponymous Queen of Morrowind, Barenziah. It is a golden crown with a winged-motif that has twenty-four ornate jewels, known as the Stones of Barenziah, across the wings and one on the temple of the head. It was given to the young queen during her ascension to the throne of Mournhold in the early years of the Third Era, amidst the reign of Emperor Tiber Septim. However, sometime after the ceremony, the crown was stolen by an unknown assailant. He pried each of the stones off of the crown and dispersed them across Skyrim, where they became items of interest. For two eras, the Thieves Guild of Skyrim had sought out all twenty-four stones for many years,[1] while the crown was kept in Morrowind.

The Nordic thief, Wulfmare Shadow-Cloak claims to have stolen the Crown of Barenziah, but there is no proof other than his own words.[2] Since its disappearance, each of the stones had circulated throughout Skyrim, while the Thieves Guild continued their quest to seek each of these stones to fill the whole set.[1]. The Crown eventually made its way to Skyrim in 4E 5, known in Morrowind's history as the Red Year. A caravan of refugees were barely able to escape Morrowind[3] with the crown but died during their trek in Tolvald's Cave. By 4E 201, each of the jewels were scattered throughout the province, that was until a member of the Thieves Guild came upon one of the stones of Barenziah. Upon learning of its origins, the thief traveled across Skyrim and gathered all of the twenty-four stones. They made their way to Tolvald's Cave, where they found the ghosts of the dead refugees and the stoneless crown of Barenziah. The crown was fully assembled and kept by the Thieves Guild as a paragon, or an item that boosted their thievish abilities.[1][4]

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  • A very similar gem to the Stones of Barenziah, albeit much larger can be found as a headpiece for a staff wielded by Barenziah in her Legends artwork.

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