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ON-misc-Necrom Vorys Shrine.png
Vorys the Immolant
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Resided in Morrowind
"Your prayers mean nothing. Your offerings mean nothing. It is the forceful expression of will that gives true honor to the Ancestors." —Saint Vorys the Immolant[1]

Saint Vorys the Immolant (also known as the Fiery One to the Khajiit)[2] is a saint of the Dunmer. During the Second Era, Vorys was the patron saint of House Telvanni.[3] He had fallen out of reverence by 3E 427 due to being "a bit unsavory",[UOL 1] and Roris the Martyr's death during the Arnesian War elevated him to saintly status in his place by that point.[4]

Sailenmora is a series of well-kept crypts and shrine to Saint Vorys. The Talisman of Saint Vorys is kept on display here. It can be closely examined only by house members of a certain rank, but viewing is open to the public.[5][6]


Following the period known as the Middle Dawn, Saint Vorys played a pivotal role in the expansion of the city of Necrom. His leadership was marked by a significant event involving the city's architects. They approached him with concerns about the porous nature of the rock upon which the city was built, which allowed the sea to infiltrate. In an unexpected turn of events, Saint Vorys experienced a seismic shift in the earth beneath him. As he remained motionless, the fossilized bones of the ancient creature GULGA MOR JIL, which had been encircling the city and had over time turned into brittle stone, fell from the heavens. The falling bones crushed the architects who had voiced their complaints, marking a dramatic end to their protest.[7]

Vorys, however, grew restless in Necrom and felt a premonition that his demise would occur in battle, far from the lands he considered home. Driven by this belief, he embarked on a journey to Elsweyr, accompanied by his followers. Upon reaching the first village in Elsweyr, they encountered no resistance from the local inhabitants. However, Saint Vorys ordered the village to be razed, setting a precedent for his approach towards the native Khajiit. This act of aggression instilled fear among the Khajiit, leading them to flee from the path of destruction that Vorys carved across the region of Anequina.[7]

Eventually, the Khajiit decided to fight back against Saint Vorys and his followers. In response, Saint Vorys issued an unusual command: instead of ordering the death of these Khajiit, he decreed that the strongest among them should be spared. These survivors were to be taken back to Morrowind as slaves.[7]


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