Lore:Parables of Saint Vorys

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Parables of Saint Vorys
Parables relating to the Patron Saint of the Telvanni

Following the Middle Dawn, Saint Vorys oversaw expansion of the exalted Necropolis. His architects came to him, complaining of porous rock which invited in the sea. Saint Vorys felt a shift in the earth and did not move. As he did, the bones of GULGA MOR JIL, curling around the white city and long since turned to brittle stone, rained from the sky and crushed the complainers.

"This forceful expression of will gives true honor to the Ancestors," proclaimed the honored saint. "We honor the sacrifice of those who meet their end with no delay. The faithful may live to push back the sea and be worthy of being interred in the sacred halls of our Necropolis."

And so it was that Saint Vorys left Necrom, restless and certain that his end would find him in battle, far from the lands that he called home. With his followers, he marched to Elsweyr. And when the first village he came to offered no resistance to his presence, he ordered it razed.

"The scorched earth brings forth new life bearing the sweetest fruit," said the venerated saint to his followers. "See yourself warmed by the lives of others, even if you must set them to flame yourself."

And so it followed that the cat-folk were wary of Saint Vorys, and fled the path of fire he cut across Anequina. When at last they fought back, he ordered not that they meet their deaths, but as they were the strongest of their crop, they should be spared and carried back to Morrowind.

"We must nourish others and set them forth with seeds in hand," the exalted saint told his followers, "that we may see their backs bent in our fields for days unending."