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ON-prerelease-Saint Olms.jpeg
Statue of St. Olms
Race Dunmer
(later Clockwork Titan)
Gender Male
Resided in Vvardenfell
Clockwork City
Appears in ESO

Saint Olms the Just is the Dunmeri patron saint of Chandlers and Clerks and the patron saint of House Indoril.[1]. Olms was the founder of the Ordinators, and was responsible for the conceiving and articulating the Inquisitorial principles of testing, ordeal, and forced repentance.[2][3] Olms was canonized by the Tribunal, and shrines to him could be found in Tribunal temples.

While they were alive, saints Llothis and Olms were known to ride through the Brass Fortress during the parades on holy days on fabricant Nix-Ox mounts.[4]

When close to death, Sotha Sil placed Olms's soul into a modified black soul gem which was then brought to the Asylum Sanctorium in the Clockwork City and installed into a Clockwork Titan to make him immortal.[5] Unfortunately, the process eventually drove him to madness, which manifested as paranoia, an obsessive desire for freedom, and a persecution complex as he viewed his position as an unjust punishment or test from the Tribunal.[6] His soul was released from the Clockwork Titan in 2E 582, and kept safe in the black soul gem while he rested.[7]

All Temple shrine offerings grant cures of common diseases, of blight diseases, and of afflictions of poison. Offerings made to the shrine of Saint Olms additionally grant Olms' Benediction, for resistance to common disease.[8][9]

One of the cantons of Vivec was named in his honor, and a statue of Olms was erected on the upper outer levels.[10][11][12] The same was done for Delyn, and together they were called the Twin Saints.[UOL 1]


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