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ON-concept-Saint Meris Banner.png
Meris banner depiction (ESO)
Race Dunmer Gender Female

Saint Meris the Peacemaker (also spelled Merris)[1] is the Dunmeri patron saint of Farmers and Laborers. As a little girl, Saint Meris showed healing gifts, and trained as a Healer. She ended a long and bloody House War, intervening on the battlefield in her white robe to heal warriors and wizards on both sides without discrimination. Great House troops adopted white robes as her standard, and disobeyed orders to fight.[2][3] Meris was later canonized by the Tribunal, and shrines to her could be found in Tribunal temples.

All Temple shrine offerings grant cures of common diseases, of blight diseases, and of afflictions of poison. Offerings made to the shrine of Saint Meris additionally grant Meris' Warding, for resistance to corprus disease.[4][5] Additionally, various restoration spells named after Meris were known to be used and sold by healers of Vvardenfell.[1]

The Swords of St. Meris are five legendary artifacts that will bring despair to the undead. If they are used in war against the Redoran or Indoril, it would be considered a sacrilege.[UOL 1]

During the Ordinator vestment routine, initiates recite a prayer to St. Meris as they help don the ordinator their cuisses.[6]



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