Lore:Saint Meris the Peacemaker

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Saint Meris the Peacemaker
ON-concept-Saint Meris Banner.png
Saint Meris the Peacemaker depiction
Race Dunmer Gender Female

Saint Meris the Peacemaker (also spelled Saint Merris)[1] is the Dunmer Patron of Farmers and Laborers. As a little girl, Saint Meris showed healing gifts, and trained as a Healer. She ended a long and bloody House War, intervening on the battlefield in her white robe to heal warriors and spellcrafters without regard to faction. The troops of all Houses adopted white robes as her standard, and refused to shed the blood of their brethren.[2]

The Ordinators' initiates recite a prayer to Saint Meris before donning their cuirass for the first time.[3] Offerings made to Saint Meris grant 'Meris's Warding', granting one resistance to Corprus.[4] There is a restoration spell called the Rest of St. Merris, which restores the user's fatigue.[1]



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