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Saint Aralor
ON-concept-Saint Aralor Banner.jpg
Saint Aralor banner depiction (ESO)
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Resided in Vvardenfell

Saint Aralor the Penitent is the Dunmeri patron saint of Tanners and Miners. A condemned criminal, Aralor repented his sins and made a circuit of the great pilgrimages on his knees.[1][2] For the Tribunal Temple, he serves as an example that it is possible for anyone to truly repent and start anew. Aralor was later canonized by the Tribunal, and shrines to him could be found in Tribunal temples. His famed hair shirt is now a prized relic of the Tribunal Temple.[3]

All Temple shrine offerings grant cures of common diseases, of blight diseases, and of afflictions of poison. Offerings made to the shrine of Saint Aralor additionally grant Aralor's Intervention, for fortifying character.[4][5]

In 3E 427 an ordinator was wearing the Hair Shirt of St. Aralor while searching for Lost Kogoruhn, the ancient capital of House Dagoth. He passed away at the fortress, leaving the shirt with him. It was subsequently recovered from there for the Temple by the Nerevarine.[3]

During the Ordinator vestment routine, initiates recite a devotional to St. Aralor as they help don the ordinator their rerebraces and couters.[6]