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Throughout Vvardenfell, there are numerous shrines which grant temporary boons to anyone, for a small donation.

Tribunal Shrines[edit]

All of these shrines give you at least four options for your blessings. The first three are common to all of them, Cure Common Disease, Cure Blight Disease, and Cure Poison. The other blessings vary from shrine to shrine. The size of the donation required depends on your status with the Tribunal Temple. Non-members must pay 35 gold in order to receive a blessing. Laymen and Novices need pay only 5 gold, and Initiates or above can receive blessings for free.

St. Aralor[edit]

Shrine of St. Aralor

Aralor's Intervention: Fortify Personality 5pts for 48min

St. Delyn[edit]

Shrine of St. Delyn

Shield of St. Delyn: Resist Blight Disease 10pts for 48min

St. Felms[edit]

Shrine of St. Felms

Felms' Glory: Fortify Restoration 5pts for 48min

St. Llothis[edit]

Shrine of St. Llothis

The Rock of Llothis: Fortify Willpower 5pts for 48min

St. Meris[edit]

Shrine of St. Meris

Meris' Warding: Resist Corprus Disease 20pts for 48min

St. Nerevar[edit]

Shrine of St. Nerevar

Spirit of Nerevar: Fortify Fatigue 20pts for 48min

St. Olms[edit]

Shrine of St. Olms

Olms' Benediction: Resist Common Disease 20pts for 48min

St. Rilm[edit]

Shrine of St. Rilm

Rilm's Grace: Fortify Endurance 5pts for 48min

St. Roris[edit]

Shrine of St. Roris

Roris' Bloom: Fortify Health 5pts for 48min

St. Seryn[edit]

Shrine of St. Seryn

Seryn's Shield: Resist Poison 20pts for 48min

St. Veloth[edit]

Shrine of St. Veloth

Veloth's Indwelling: Fortify Magicka 10pts for 48min
Almsivi Restoration: Restore all Attributes 100pts

Shrine of Vivec's Fury[edit]

Shrine of Vivec's Fury

Vivec's Fury: Fortify Attack 5pts for 48min

Shrine of the Tribunal[edit]

Shrine of the Tribunal

Lady's Grace: Fortify Endurance 5pts for 48min
Soul of Sotha Sil: Fortify Magicka 5pts for 48min
Vivec's Mystery[nb 1]: Fortify Luck 10pts for 48min
Almsivi Restoration[nb 1][nb 2]: Restore all Attributes and Skills 100pts


  • 1.  Vivec's Mystery and Almsivi Restoration are actually free for non-members due to a scripting error.
  • 2.  Xbox.svg There is no option for Almsivi Restoration in the Xbox version of the game.

Imperial Cult Altars[edit]

Imperial Cult Altars are available at all Imperial Cult locations. These cost 25 gold for non-members, 10 gold for Laymen and Novices, and are again free for Initiates and above. There are four blessings available from these shrines. Just like Tribunal Shrines, they have Cure Common Disease, Cure Blight Disease, and Cure Poison. And in addition, they have Restore Attributes, which is exactly the same as Almsivi Restoration on the Shrines of the Tribunal (it restores skills as well as attributes despite the name). They can be found at the following locations:

Special Shrines[edit]

There are a few unique shrines, mostly related to Tribunal Temple quests. These provide more powerful blessings, though at a somewhat higher price. Below is a chart detailing these shrines, giving location, blessing, and required donation.

Shrine Location Requirements Blessing
Assarnibibi Shrine Mount Assarnibibi Must complete 4 corners quest Cure Common Disease, Cure Blight Disease, and Cure Poison
The first time you activate this shrine after completing the quest, you will be rewarded with the Ebony Mail.
Shrine of Humility /
Fields of Kummu Shrine
Ascadian Isles Region, [1,-5] Muck Feather 100 pts for 48 min
Shrine of Pride /
Ghostgate Shrine
Red Mountain Region, [2,5] Soul Gem Fortify Magicka 50 pts, Shield 25 pts for 48 min
Warning: This shrine will take one of each type of soul gem you have in your inventory, including filled gems. If you don't want to lose them, drop all but one gem (preferably low-quality and empty) before activating the shrine. Azura's Star will not be taken, so it's safe to carry.
Shrine of Valor /
Koal Cave Shrine
Koal Cave Dreugh Wax Fortify Unarmored, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor 10 pts for 48 min (Dreugh_Cuirass_TTRM)
If you have defeated the Dreugh Warlord deeper in the cave, you will also receive an enchanted Dreugh Cuirass with a Fortify Endurance 10 pts for 60 secs Cast-on-Use enchantment on it. This is not a one-time-only reward, so you can get an endless supply of them for every Dreugh Wax you donate. Since they're worth over 5,000 gold, this is a good way to get a lot of cash quickly.
Magic Rock of Maar Gan Maar Gan, Temple After taunting the Daedra Fortify Speechcraft and Personality 10 pts for 48 min
Mount Kand Shrine Mount Kand, Cavern During or after Pilgrimage to Mount Kand quest Fortify Endurance and Intelligence 10 pts for 48 min
Shrine of Generosity /
Palace Shrine
Vivec, Palace 100 Gold Fortify Mercantile and Luck 10 pts for 48 min
There are two shrines in front of the entrance to the palace. You only need to donate to one of them.
Sanctus Shrine Sheogorad Region, [1,21] During or after Silent Pilgrimage quest Fortify Endurance and Willpower 10 pts for 48 min
Shrine of Justice /
Shrine of the Mask /
Vivec Ash Mask
Gnisis, Temple Potion of Cure Common Disease New spell: Vivec's Touch: Cure Common and Blight Disease on Touch (cost 10 magicka)
This mask is hidden inside the pillar. Interacting with a panel on the pillar itself will reveal the real mask.
Shrine of Courtesy /
Shrine of the Puzzle Canal
Vivec, Puzzle Canal Silver Longsword Water Breathing and Swift Swim 25 pts for 48 min
The Silver Longsword is only required the first time. You can return to this shrine as many times as you like without making another donation.
Shrine of Daring /
Shrine to Stop the Moon
Vivec Temple Potion of Rising Force Levitate 100 pts for 24 min
Any strength Rising Force potion will do, and it will automatically select the weakest in your inventory. Home-brew Levitate potions will not work, however. Danso Indules near the shrine sells some potions you can use.
Statue of Malacath Sheogorad Region, [5,21] 4 Daedra's Hearts Blessings of the First Corner: Fortify Strength 10-20 pts for 48 min
Statue of Mehrunes Dagon Ald Sotha none Blessings of the Second Corner: Fortify Destruction and Axe,
and Fortify Attack 10 pts for 48 min
Statue of Molag Bal Bal Ur During 4 corners quest Blessings of the Third Corner: Fortify Speechcraft 5 pts for 24 min
The first time you activate this shrine, you will also receive a new spell: Command of the Third Corner: Command Humanoid 5-25 pts for 30 secs on Touch, (cost 30 magicka)
Statue of Sheogorath Ald Daedroth, Inner Shrine Gambolpuddy Blessings of the Fourth Corner:
Fortify Intelligence, Luck, Personality, and Willpower 1-25 pts for 24 min,
Drain Intelligence, Luck, Personality, and Willpower 1-25 pts for 24 min
This shrine raises and lowers the same four attributes by a random amount.

Daedric Shrines[edit]

Daedric Shrines are discussed on their own page: Daedric Shrines. Those with associated quests and rewards are listed at Daedric Quests.