Morrowind:Ald'ruhn Temple

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Ald'ruhn Temple
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Console Location Code(s)
Ald-ruhn, Temple
Ald'ruhn, [-2,6]
The Tribunal Temple in Ald'ruhn

The Ald'ruhn Temple is a large Tribunal Temple located in the northern section of Ald'ruhn.

This temple offers a wide range of services, though some are restricted to higher-ranking members of the Temple. Tuls Valen is one of the primary quest-givers for the Temple, and Lloros Sarano offers several quests for House Redoran. Shrines of St. Meris and St. Roris are found here, as well as a standard Shrine of the Tribunal. These offer a variety of blessings for a small price (free to members of the Temple above Novice rank). This temple is one of the locations where an Almsivi Intervention spell may take you.


Tribunal Temple[edit]

House Redoran[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Danoso Andrano Female Dunmer Apothecary Service Tribunal Temple Initiate(Initiate) 12 81 160 100 30 Merchant
Folvys Andalor Male Dunmer Healer Service Tribunal Temple Adept(Adept) 16 99 112 100 30 Merchant; Spell Merchant
Lloros Sarano Male Dunmer Priest Service House Redoran Kinsman(Kinsman) 18 111 128 100 30 Merchant; Spell Merchants; Spellmaker
Methal Seran Male Dunmer Priest Service Tribunal Temple Diviner(Diviner) 25 197 148 100 30 Merchant; Master Trainer
Tuls Valen Male Dunmer Monk Service Tribunal Temple Master(Master) 17 126 106 100 30 Trainer
Ureso Drath Female Dunmer Enchanter Service Tribunal Temple Novice(Novice) 7 60 132 100 30 Merchant; Enchanter