Morrowind:Resist Corprus Disease

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MW-icon-effect-Resist Corprus Disease.jpg Resist Corprus Disease
School Restoration
Type Defensive
Base Cost 5
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Resist Corprus Disease M% for D seconds

This effect decreases your chance of catching Corprus Disease by M%. However, since your chance of catching Corprus Disease is exactly 0, this effect is completely useless. The only way to catch Corprus is during the Sixth House Base mission on the Main Quest, and no amount of resistance will protect you from it, since it's a scripted effect, rather than a standard disease. The only known purpose of this effect is that after you are cured of Corprus, this effect appears to let you know that you are now "immune" to Corprus, never mind that there was never any chance you could catch it in the first place. Even so, there is at least one spell in-game that makes use of this effect. This would seem to suggest that the designers had originally intended it to be possible for player characters to contract this disease without proceeding through the main storyline, and was thus removed for instability issues.

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