Morrowind:Cure Poison

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MW-icon-effect-Cure Poison.jpg Cure Poison
School Restoration
Type Restorative
Base Cost 100
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Built-in Potions
Generic Magic Apparel
Amulet of Flesh Made Whole
Lord's Mail

Cure Poison

Dispels any long-duration Poison effects currently affecting the target. Instant-damage poison effects cannot be stopped, and health lost due to poison damage is not restored.


  • This effect has relatively limited use, since most Poison effects are instant or have a very short duration. An example of a rare situation where a Cure Poison spell can be effective is in Bamz-Amschend, beneath Mournhold. There are several poison traps and spells there which have a long duration, they can potentially become fatal for characters exploring the ruin.
  • Another potential use for potions is when fighting Daedroth, which use the powerful poisonbloom spell to great effect.

Related Effects[edit]

Alchemy Ingredients[edit]

The following alchemy ingredients can be used to make a potion of Cure Poison: