Morrowind:Resist Normal Weapons

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MW-icon-effect-Resist Normal Weapons.jpg Resist Normal Weapons
School Restoration
Type Defensive
Base Cost 5
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Marara's Ring
Necromancer's Amulet

Resist Normal Weapons M% for D seconds

Reduces the damage dealt by "normal weapons", by M% for D seconds. The only weapons affected by this are non-enchanted (with a few pre-enchanted exceptions) and made of lower-quality materials, including wood of various sorts, Chitin, Bonemold, Iron, and Steel (including Nordic and Imperial). Also affected are non-magical melee attacks by creatures who don't use weapons. Hand-to-hand combat by the player character and NPCs is not affected; humanoid fists are not considered normal weapons. Anything Silver or better (Glass, Ebony, Daedric, etc.) will not be affected by this resistance. An exception is Adamantium, provided by the Tribunal expansion; the apparent bug of classifying rare and expensive Adamantium as "normal" is fixed by MCP and various other code-patching projects. Also unaffected are any magical attacks, and any enchanted weapons created by the player character manually or via an Enchanter, regardless of their material.


  • For a list of all weapons affected, see Normal Weapons.
  • This resistance also affects Corkbulb, Bonemold, Iron, and Steel arrows and bolts, unless they are fired from an enchanted bow or crossbow; either the weapon or the ammo must be immune to the effect, not both.
  • This effect is not available to you by any normal means other than Marara's Ring or the Necromancer's Amulet.
  • The only other way to experience it is to become a Vampire, which will give you a 50% resistance to normal weapons.
  • Many creatures have resistance or even immunity to normal weapons, most notably most Daedra, some undead, and werewolvesBM.

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