Morrowind: Services

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In Morrowind, various services are provided throughout the vast island of Vvardenfell, usually in cities and settlements. The services listed here are general and, for now, the locations of these services can be found by browsing Places.

Alchemists and apothecaries mix ingredients in order to brew magic potions.
Blacksmiths deal with armor and weapons and can even repair these items if need be.
Booksellers deal with the lore and knowledge.
Clothiers deal with a range of clothes of varying quality, armor being the exception.
Enchanters deal with imbuing items with magical powers.
Healers provide ingredients, potions and spells to heal the wounded and cure the afflicted.
Imperial Cult Altar
Blessings by Imperial Cult Altars is achieved through monetary donation.
These practitioners offer many types of spells for sale, both custom and off-the-shelf.
Pawnbrokers function as traders of a wide array of used items.
Priests provide spiritual guidance for the faithful, as well as books, alchemical ingredients, potions, and spells, for righteous causes.
Slave Market
In these markets you can acquire strong workers or sensual concubines at a price.
Spell Merchants
A complete list of all merchants selling spells.
A complete list of all NPCs who offer custom spellmaking services.
Taverns serve local liquors and some even provide accommodation for the night.
A Trader's trade is, hopefully, self-explanatory.
Usually going by the title of Drillmaster, Master-at-arms, Thief or Monk, trainers are specialized in a few skills, and are willing to divulge the secrets of their trade - for a price, of course.
Transportation within Vvardenfell, including Guild Guide, Silt Strider, boat and Propylon chambers.
Other miscellaneous services, including Creeper, the scamp merchant.