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Those who sell their spells for money fall into many categories, based vaguely upon their areas of expertise. They include Mages, Sorcerers, and Spellmakers, among others. Often these merchants will teach you a spell in exchange for gold, whether or not you are anywhere near ready to use it. To see a list of all spells in the game, see Spells.

  • US: Indicates unique spells only available at this vendor, though their effects can be found elsewhere.
  • UE: Indicates spells with unique effects which cannot be found anywhere else.
Town House/Location Merchant Alteration Conjuration Destruction Illusion Mysticism Restoration US UE Notes
Ald'ruhn Gildan's House Gildan ☑Yes9 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes2 Sixth Barrier
Guild of Mages Heem-La ☑Yes4 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes10 ☑Yes2 5 Spellmaker
Orrent Geontene ☑Yes2 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes6 ☑Yes6
Guls Llervu's House Guls Llervu ☑Yes1 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes14
Morag Tong Guildhall Salyni Nelvayn ☑Yes2 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes4 1
Temple Folvys Andalor ☑Yes2 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes14
Lloros Sarano ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes15 Spellmaker
The Rat in the Pot Estoril ☑Yes3 ☑Yes10 1
Ascadian Isles Region (4,-8) Leles Birian ☑Yes7 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes2 1 Master Destruction trainer
Balmora Guild of Mages Estirdalin ☑Yes2 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes2 5 Spellmaker
Marayn Dren ☑Yes10 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes3 1
Masalinie Merian ☑Yes7 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes5 1 Guild Guide
Ranis Athrys ☑Yes8 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes1 Mages Guild high rank only
Sharn gra-Muzgob ☑Yes2 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes8 2
Hlaalu Council Manor Imare ☑Yes3 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes4
Morag Tong Guild Ethasi Rilvayn ☑Yes3 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes8 ☑Yes5 3 Morag Tong high rank only
South Wall Corner Club Only-He-Stands-There ☑Yes3 ☑Yes6 ☑Yes6 3 Only offers services after the quest Unsanctioned Training, and only if you accept his deal.
Temple Llarara Omayn ☑Yes2 ☑Yes8 Spellmaker
Llathyno Hlaalu ☑Yes6 ☑Yes9 Spellmaker
Telis Salvani ☑Yes1 ☑Yes11
Tyermaillin's House Tyermaillin ☑Yes6 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes1
Buckmoth Legion Fort Interior Aldaril ☑Yes4 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes9 1
Arnand Liric ☑Yes1 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes5 Cure Blight Disease
Dulian ☑Yes5 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes8 Spellmaker
Caldera Governer's Hall Llaros Uvayn ☑Yes2 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes8 ☑Yes6
Guild of Mages Eraamion ☑Yes2 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes1 2
Medila Indaren ☑Yes2 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes2 2 1
Ebonheart Hawkmoth Legion Garrison Ervona Barys ☑Yes6 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes4 Imperial Legion high rank only
Fanildil ☑Yes5 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes10 3
Nebia Amphia ☑Yes5 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes6 1 Spellmaker
Imperial Chapel Lalatia Varian ☑Yes1 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes8 Imperial Cult high rank only, Spellmaker
Synnolian Tunifus ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes8 Cure Blight on self
Ghostgate Temple Nilvyn Drothan ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes6 1 Spellmaker
Tower of Dawn Rilvase Avani ☑Yes2 ☑Yes9
Tower of Dawn, Lower Level Ulmiso Maloren ☑Yes4 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes10
Gnisis Fort Darius Chaplain Ogrul ☑Yes2 ☑Yes9 Ingredients, potions
Temple Mehra Drora ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes6 Books, ingredients, potions, Spellmaker
Zanmulk Sammalamus ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes9 1 Ingredients, potions
Indarys Manor Berendas' House Uvele Berendas ☑Yes6 ☑Yes6 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes7 House Redoran only
Maar Gan Outpost Sedris Omalen ☑Yes2 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes7 Spellmaker
Shrine Salen Ravel ☑Yes2 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes7
Molag Mar Temple Saras Orelu ☑Yes1 ☑Yes17
Moonmoth Legion Fort Interior Amarie Charien ☑Yes3 ☑Yes12 1
Somutis Vunnis ☑Yes1 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes11
Prison Towers Solea Nuccusius ☑Yes3 ☑Yes8 ☑Yes10 3
Pelagiad Fort Pelagiad Ygfa ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes12 1
Sadrith Mora Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Erer Darothril ☑Yes5 ☑Yes8 ☑Yes9 ☑Yes5 3
Llaalam Madalas: Mage Llaalam Madalas ☑Yes2 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes8 ☑Yes6 House Telvanni high rank only
Morag Tong Guildhall Namanian Facian ☑Yes8 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes3
Telvanni Council House, Chambers Galero Andaram ☑Yes3 ☑Yes14 1 Tribunal Temple high rank only
Niras Farys ☑Yes1 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes9
Telvanni Council House, Entry Nelso Salenim ☑Yes5 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 1
Thervul Serethi: Healer Threvul Serethi ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes12
Urtiso Faryon: Sorcerer Urtiso Faryon ☑Yes2 ☑Yes8 ☑Yes12 ☑Yes1
Seyda Neen Arrille's Tradehouse Arrille ☑Yes3 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 1
Suran Temple Elynu Saren ☑Yes3 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes6 2
Tel Aruhn Tower Living Quarters Felara Andrethi ☑Yes2 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes8 ☑Yes6
Tel Branora Upper Tower Mertisi Andavel ☑Yes9 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes4
Upper Tower: Therana's Chamber Felen Maryon ☑Yes14 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes1 5 3 Summon Winged Twilight and Golden Saint
Tel Mora Tower Services Diren Vendu ☑Yes2 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes8 ☑Yes2
Salama Andrethi ☑Yes3 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes4 1
Tinaso Alan ☑Yes8 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes1
Tel Uvirith Arelas' House Farena Arelas ☑Yes2 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes6 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes2 House Telvanni only
Omavel's House Tunila Omavel ☑Yes2 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes17 House Telvanni only
Tel Vos Services Tower Milar Maryon ☑Yes3 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes6
Vivec Arena Canton
(Hidden Area)
Minnibi Selkin-Adda ☑Yes6 ☑Yes7 1 Morag Tong high rank only
Foreign Quarter Canton
J'Rasha ☑Yes3 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes9 4
Foreign Quarter Canton
(Guild of Mages)
Malven Romori ☑Yes5 ☑Yes6 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes1 2 Mages Guild high rank only, Sells Summon Ancestral Ghost and Summon Greater Bonewalker, also a Spellmaker
Sirilonwe ☑Yes3 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes4
Foreign Quarter Canton
(Upper Waistworks)
Idonea Munia ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes12 Mainly variable resist spells
Hlaalu Canton
(Edryno Arethi's House)
Bratheru Oran ☑Yes2 ☑Yes7
Hlaalu Canton
(Hlaalu Temple)
Rirnas Athren ☑Yes2 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes6 1 Spellmaker
Redoran Canton
(Temple Shrine)
Relms Gilvilo ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes6 Spellmaker
St. Olms Canton
Vaval Selas ☑Yes5 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes7
Telvanni Canton
(Mage's Shop)
Fevyn Ralen ☑Yes6 ☑Yes7 1 Spellmaker
Telvanni Canton
(Sorcerer's Shop)
Salver Lleran ☑Yes1 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes10 ☑Yes4 ☑Yes1 1 House Telvanni high rank only, Spellmaker
Telvanni Canton
Melie Frenck ☑Yes5 1
Temple Canton Danso Indules ☑Yes3 ☑Yes11
Temple Canton
(High Fane)
Dileno Lloran ☑Yes1 ☑Yes12 Tribunal Temple, high rank only, Spellmaker
Vos Varo Tradehouse Entrance Ferise Varo ☑Yes3 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes5 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes1
Vos Chapel Eldrilu Dalen ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes9
Wolverine Hall Imperial Shrine Aunius Autrus ☑Yes13 ☑Yes3 2
Scelian Plebo ☑Yes4 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes14
Mages Guild Arielle Phiencel ☑Yes5 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes7 ☑Yes7
Uleni Heleran ☑Yes8 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes2 ☑Yes2 4 1 Spellmaker
Zainab Camp Wise Woman's Yurt Sonummu Zabamat ☑Yes1 ☑Yes1 ☑Yes3 ☑Yes6