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Lalatia Varian (Lalatia Varian)
Home City Ebonheart
Location Imperial Chapels
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 19 Class Priest Service
Other Spellmaking Spellmaker
Gold 500 Mercantile Novice (10)
Spells Illusion SpellsMysticism SpellsRestoration Spells
Other Information
Health 115 Magicka 130
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Imperial Cult 6(Oracle)
Lalatia Varian

Lalatia Varian is an Imperial priestess serving as Oracle in the Imperial Cult at the Chapels in Ebonheart. She is one of the highest ranking members of the Cult in Vvardenfell, second only to Ruccia Conician. Lalatia is the highest ranking member you will ever need to speak with, however, as Ruccia is preoccupied representing the Imperial Cult on the Grand Council of Vvardenfell. She is the one who sends you on all of the later quests for the Cult. As well, she sells potions, spells, and spellmaking services to members of the Cult of rank Acolyte or higher.

Lalatia wears an expensive robe and shoes. She carries up to 40 gold. Aside from her natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, she knows a selection of spells from the schools of Illusion, Mysticism, and Restoration. Specifically, these are the same spells that she has for sale.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Boots of the Apostle: "When Talos Stormcrown was a young man in Skyrim, he went into the mountains to learn the secrets of the Greybeards. He learned the secrets of the high peak winds -- the roar of the winter blast, and the warm silk of the summer updrafts. When he descended from the mountains, he came riding the clouds, striding through the air in great boots he claimed were gifts of the Greybeards for his cunning craft and riddling. After Septim yielded his crown, the boots disappeared, and have been lost for many years."
  • Ice Blade of the Monarch "The Evil Archmage Almion Celmo of the Summerset Isles created the blade for a warrior, Thurgnarr Assi, who was to assassinate a king. The assassination failed, Thurgnarr Assi was slain, Almion Celmo was imprisoned, and the Ice Blade fell into the hands of a series of malefactors. The weapon is a claymore enchanted to cause frost damage, and is rumored to pass from owner to owner of its own volition"
  • Ring of the Wind: "The Ring of the Wind is a legendary treasure of Elsweyr, sacred to Kynareth. It was owned by the nimble acrobat Kisimba Spring-Snow, who was said to always land on her feet, except when she chose to land on the feet of others."


Lalatia has the following spells for sale:

Spell Name Cost Effects
Rallying Touch 2 Rally Humanoid Rally Humanoid 5 pts for 30s on Touch
Divine Intervention 8 Divine Intervention Divine Intervention on Self
Tranasa's Spelltrap 125 Spell Absorption Spell Absorption 20-30 pts for 10s on Self
Divine Aid 60 Fortify Willpower Fortify Willpower 10 pts for 60s on Self
Fortify Luck Fortify Luck 10 pts for 60s on Self
Fortitude 30 Fortify Endurance Fortify Endurance 10 pts for 60s on Self
Iron Will 30 Fortify Willpower Fortify Willpower 10 pts for 60s on Self
Nimbleness 30 Fortify Agility Fortify Agility 10 pts for 60s on Self
Powerwell 38 Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka 5-20 pts for 60s on Self
Resist Common Disease 5 Resist Common Disease Resist Common Disease 10 pts for 5s on Self
Vigor 9 Fortify Fatigue Fortify Fatigue 5-20 pts for 30s on Self
Vitality 19 Fortify Health Fortify Health 5-20 pts for 30s on Self


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
Item Qty
Bread 1
Bargain Restore Health -2
Cheap Disease Resistance 2
Cheap Potion of Fortify Health 2
Cheap Restore Fatigue 3
Cheap Restore Health -5
Cheap Restore Magicka -2
Exclusive Restore Fatigue 1
Potion of Cure Common Disease 2
Potion of Cure Poison 2
Quality Restore Health 1,-2
Standard Disease Resistance -2
Standard Restore Health Potion -5