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MW-icon-effect-Frenzy Creature.jpgMW-icon-effect-Frenzy Humanoid.jpg Frenzy
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Base Cost 1
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Frenzy M points for D seconds

Increases the target's Fight value (its inclination to attack) by M. There are actually two separate effects:

  • Frenzy Creature works on all creatures.
  • Frenzy Humanoid works on all NPCs.

A great enough magnitude will make the target attack the player. When you successfully cast this spell on someone, it's not considered to be an assault.


  • Some situations require killing someone not open to persuasion, but who is surrounded by people who will witness an assault. Frenzy Humanoid was tailor-made for just such a situation.
  • Frenzy is affected by Resistance or Weakness to Magicka, making Altmer NPCs more susceptible to it, while Bretons require a greater magnitude.
  • The effects of successful taunting and Frenzy combine into the NPC's Fight value. Most non-hostile NPCs have a base Fight value of 30; barring racial weakness or resistance and without any taunting, these NPCs may attack from a Frenzy magnitude starting with 41 (if they are close and have very low disposition), and will always attack if the magnitude is above 70.
  • Frenzy humanoid is very useful for making NPCs chase you over long distances, if you're unable to Command them to a new location. Keep in mind that they may break off the fight to flee. Rally Humanoid can prevent this.
  • Save beforehand if the target is not expendable, as there are a few humanoids that will remain permanently Frenzied. One example is the armorer Brynjolfr.
  • Frenzy Creature is less useful, as most creatures will attack you anyway, and those that don't can be safely attacked without it being considered a crime. If you are trying to get a creature (such as Creeper or the Mudcrab merchant) to follow you, then Frenzy Creature is a good alternative to Command, as long as you also have a Calm spell to stop them from fighting you once you've reached your destination.
  • In general, targets return to normal a few in-game days after you have left the cell they are in, as long as you do not re-enter the cell.
  • While the effect does require some duration to be effective, giving it a long duration makes very little difference. Once the target has begun combat, it will remain hostile to you even after the Frenzy effect has worn off. This means creating a useful Frenzy spell with a high magnitude is very cheap.

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