Morrowind:Turn Undead

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MW-icon-effect-Turn Undead.jpg Turn Undead
School Conjuration
Type Offensive
Base Cost 0.2
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Turn Undead M points for D seconds.

Increases the Flee value (the inclination to flee from combat) of an undead creature by M. A great enough magnitude will make the target disengage from combat and run away. This is similar to the Demoralize effects for creatures and NPCs.


  • Turn Undead is among the most powerful disabling effects in the game. A skeleton who is fleeing cannot damage you. With a good spell, you can send entire armies of undead running. This makes for excellent marksman practice, especially with the Siege at Firemoth official plugin.
  • If you get in your target's way while it's running, it may still take a swing or two at you. Continual attacks may still bring the enemy back to retaliate.
  • This is an offensive spell, so casting on an NPC will be counted as an assault. This is especially dangerous if your custom spell has a large area effect, since all NPCs in the area will attack you.

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