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MW-icon-effect-Rally Creature.jpgMW-icon-effect-Rally Humanoid.jpg Rally
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Base Cost 0.2
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Rally M points for D seconds

Decreases the target's Flee value (its inclination to flee from combat) by M. There are actually two separate effects:

  • Rally Creature works on all creatures.
  • Rally Humanoid works on all NPCs.

A great enough magnitude will prevent the target from fleeing, or make it return to combat if it is currently fleeing.


  • Rally is an excellent spell for stopping a mortally wounded enemy from fleeing.
  • Enemies who cannot fly or use ranged attacks will often flee from you if you attack them while Levitating. Rally can help keep them in range so you can finish the job.
  • If you're trying to relocate an NPC/creature by having them chase you in hostile conditions, they may break off the chase to flee instead. Cast Rally Humanoid/Creature on them to prevent this.

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