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MW-icon-effect-Light.jpg Light
School Illusion
Type Other
Base Cost 0.2
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Built-in Potions
Magic Apparel

Light M points for D seconds in A feet

Creates a glowing light around the target. When cast on a living creature or humanoid (including yourself), that creature will glow for the duration (or until they are killed). The magnitude determines the range of the light. Additionally, if the spell is cast with a large area rating, it can affect multiple targets which will produce an overall larger amount of light. Note that the spell is no different from other spells in that it can only affect an object - if it is cast on Touch or Target and does not hit a humanoid or creature, the spell has no effect.


  • The need for a Light spell depends greatly upon the viewer. The gamma setting in the game, and the brightness and contrast settings on your monitor/television can all have an effect on the amount of light you see. By default, very few areas in Morrowind are dark enough to really need additional light. There are numerous mods that attempt to create more darkness in various ways in order to make this effect more useful.
  • Passive targets will remain passive if a light spell is cast on them.
  • If an undetected player casts Light on a hostile target while outside the target's detection range, the target will remain unaware of the player's presence.
  • The light spell effect does not affect detection—sneaking or otherwise.
  • Another alternative if you are less skilled in magical arts is to carry around a light source of some sort. This of course means you may not use a shield or 2-handed weapon, but in some cases, the extra light may be worth the sacrifice.
  • Morrowind's light spell looks like a green-yellow glow similar to Oblivion's Light spell. This cannot be changed without external mods; however, other light sources can have different colors.
  • Casting a Light spell on a vampire does not trigger their weakness to sunlight.

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Alchemy Ingredients[edit]

The following ingredients can be used to create a potion of Light: