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MW-icon-effect-Invisibility.jpg Invisibility
School Illusion
Type Defensive
Base Cost 20
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Built-in Potions

Invisibility for D seconds

Causes the target to become completely invisible and undetectable for the duration of the spell. Activating anything, such as talking to or attacking somebody, picking up an item, opening a door or container, or any other action other than just moving will cancel the spell. Your Sneak skill is irrelevant when invisible. You are completely undetectable unless you activate something.


  • Unlike other stealth options, there's no need to stay in sneak mode. On the contrary, it's probably better to run, in order to get where you want to get before the spell expires.
  • Even though nobody can see you while you're invisible, you can still bump into them without being detected. In fact, you can use this technique to push people around, maybe moving them around a corner or turning them to face the wall in order that you won't be detected doing something after you reappear. Of course, this only works with stationary targets. NPCs who have somewhere to go will just continue on their way after their invisible obstacle is removed.
  • Some strongly prefer Chameleon to Invisibility because of issue with activation ending the spell. However, the special advantage of Invisibility is that you are 100% undetectable.
  • A handy use of invisibility is to zip through a dungeon full of enemies without fighting anyone until you've reached your target. This is especially useful when you have lots of annoying fights without any promise of good loot, or in the Corprusarium.
  • Invisibility is excellent for assassination quests. You can get right up to a powerful foe who has ranged or magical attack abilities and ensure that you get the first strike.
  • A key to using invisibility is planning your casting point. Remember, it's not an alteration spell to change the flow of light. It's an illusion spell to deceive observers. If you do anything to shatter the illusion, it ends. Use any other magic, including potions, that you want active before going invisible. Be sure you are not in anyone's line of sight while you are casting, although being in Stealth may be allowable. Be sure there are no closed doors between you and your goal.
  • Strategic use of invisibility can be a helpful choice at low-levels for doing stealth-related quests for the appropriate guilds (Thieves Guild, Morag Tong, House Hlaalu) before you have had the opportunity to raise the Sneak skill to an effective level.
  • If you are interested in experimenting with Invisibility, you may want to try the Shadow birthsign, which allows one to cast an infallible and long-lasting invisibility spell once a day free of charge.
  • Constant effect invisibility only affects duration: the spell still ends if you interact with anything. If you are wearing a constant effect invisibility item, you will need to take it off and put it back on if you do anything to shatter the illusion.

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Alchemy Ingredients[edit]

The following ingredients can be used to make a potion of Invisibility: