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MW-icon-effect-Calm Creature.jpgMW-icon-effect-Calm Humanoid.jpg Calm
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Base Cost 1
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BiPolar BladeTR

Calm Type M points for D seconds

Decreases the target's Fight value (its inclination to attack) by M. There are actually two separate effects:

  • Calm Creature works on all creatures.
  • Calm Humanoid works on all NPCs.

A great enough magnitude will stop the target from fighting. They will re-engage in combat if they are attacked while under this effect.


  • Calm is useful if you are trying to fight with ranged weapons or spells in a confined area. Calm the enemy, and run out to put some distance between you.
  • An area-of-effect Calm can be used as a crowd-controlling effect, and is of great utility for multi-aggressor combat in high-difficulty games.
  • Calm Humanoid is a useful spell when you need to do some unfriendly things to NPCs but don't want to kill them. One such trick is to steal an NPC's armor by casting Disintegrate Armor on them until it breaks, casting Calm to make them stop attacking you, then finally pickpocketing the broken and unequipped armor.
  • On normally hostile targets, expect them to re-enter combat once the Calm spell has expired. However, if you can raise their disposition (NPCs only), it may stop their hostility, but only if their Fight isn't too high by default.
  • If you have a Follower NPC and have accidentally triggered them into fighting you, you can usually reset them into a passive, following state by casting this spell, then re-engaging with their following-related dialogue option before the spell's effect expires. If they remain hostile despite these efforts, teleport away (or use Fortify Speed to out-run them), out of the cell, and remain out of the cell for 72 game hours, whereupon their hostility will have reset and they will follow again when you come back.
  • Going above 30 magnitude on a calm spell is pointless as 30 is enough to completely pacify any creature or NPC in the game.


  • Only 1 point magnitude is enough for any level target.
  • Calming (or Commanding) a hostile humanoid can sometimes make them non-hostile even after the effect's duration has ended.
    • This seems to happen when their hostility was scripted and not the result of their Fight level. The most common version of this is when one or more NPCs are attacking another (or attacking you, for escorting), and you are supposed to save the victim and kill the aggressor(s); an area-of-effect Calm or Command can simply make everyone stop fighting indefinitely.
    • This can cause quest-completion problems, when the fight needs to happen but now your target is calm and there are witnesses (even former victims can turn witness in this scenario). Use Frenzy Humanoid or Taunt to reinitiate combat without a bounty.

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