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Help a buoyant armiger protect a valuable relic at the shrine of Saint Vorys.
Zone: Telvanni Peninsula
Objective: Sailenmora — Help Rilasi stop a heist at the shrine of Saint Vorys.
Quest Giver: Nireli Redoran
Armiger Rilasi
Location(s): Sailenmora
Reward: High Leveled gold
Armiger's Justice
XP Gain: High Experience
ID: 6998
A cunning thief has announced his intent to make off with a local relic
Sailenmora is home to the Shrine of Saint Vorys, which houses the Talisman of Saint Vorys, a sacred relic of the patron saint of House Telvanni. A dashing rogue named the Lark of Rosgard intends to steal it. Armiger Rilasi enlisted me to stop him.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Go to Sailenmora and talk to Armiger Rilasi.
  2. Investigate the Temple of St. Vorys and the Baandari camp.
  3. Pursue the Lark of Rosgard through the Sailenmora Crypts.
  4. Search the Baandari camp.
  5. Find Shadeya.
  6. Rescue the hostages.
  7. Decide where to deliver the talisman.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You can start this quest by talking to Nireli Redoran near the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine or heading directly into town to speak with Armiger Rilasi. If you meet Nireli by the wayshrine, she'll complain to you about how she came all the way out here to see the nearby shrine, only to be shooed away:

"No one goes to Sailenmora anymore, and now I can see why! Getting badgered by priests and Buoyant Armigers isn't worth seeing the one impressive relic they keep at the shrine.
Is that where you're headed?"
What shrine? What's going on?
"The Shrine of Saint Vorys, patron saint of House Telvanni. It's the only reason why anyone would go to Sailenmora.
I stopped by to see the relic of Saint Vorys, but the high priest wouldn't even let me get close enough to get a good look!"
What's so special about this relic?
"I didn't stay long enough to find out. Apparently, it's an honor just to be in its mere presence. Didn't feel like anything special to me.
If you're headed that way, maybe you can see what all the fuss is about. "
I'll head to the Shrine of Saint Vorys and see what's going on.

Nireli wishes you luck as she walks away. Once you reach the Shrine of Saint Vorys, you'll find Armiger Rilasi arguing with a cunning thief who she identifies as the Lark of Rosgard. The Lark vanishes, and you're granted the opportunity to speak to Rilasi.

Starting the quest through Armiger Rilasi:
Starting the quest through Nireli Redoran:
"The Lark of Rosgard thinks he's clever. But he'll slip up. One day, he'll slip up, and I'll be there to catch him when he does.
Vivec willing, that day will be today."
What's going on?
"The Lark of Rosgard is so smug when he's got the high ground. He won't be so smug when he's level with my boot!
And his little disappearing act. Let me get my hands on him, and I'll make him disappear!"
What's going on here?
"That fetching thief has been a thorn in my side for far too long!
He's planning to rob the shrine at Sailenmora of the sacred relic of Saint Vorys. I need extra hands if I'm to stop him. Yours could do. Are you looking for work?"
What would you need me to do?
"Stand in for me at the shrine and the Khajiit caravan nearby. Ask questions, search for any clues or suspicious activity, and assure the high priest that I have everything under control.
Help me, and I'll make sure you're compensated for your time."
I'll help you with your investigation.

You have the option to ask her more about your current objective and the circumstances. Rilasi wants you to investigate the nearby temple and the Baandari Pedlar camp, which you can do in whichever order you please.

Investigating the Temple[edit]

The talisman in all its glory

When you arrive at the Temple, you'll find High Priest Trilam telling visitors that they can view the shrine from a distance. Speak to the High Priest:

"If you're here to bask in the presence of the Talisman of Saint Vorys, I humbly ask that you do so out of arm's reach!
If you have any questions about the relic's history, I'd be more than happy to answer them."
I'm here because Rilasi hired me to help her stop the relic from being stolen.
"Shh, not so loud! This is a very delicate situation. We need to ensure that what few pilgrims we have aren't scared off by any of this.
Rilasi hasn't exactly kept us apprised of her plans. What did she send you to do?"
She wanted me to search for anything suspicious and assure you she has everything under control.
"Of course she did. That's it, I'm sending a priest to shadow her.
After Rilasi came through to examine the talisman, I've had to stand watch. I've made sure not to let anyone get too close, especially not any outsiders. It's been exhausting!"
Have you had any visitors that weren't Dark Elves?
"Aside from you? There was one other. An elder Khajiit who asked many questions. Without, I might add, the judgmental sneering typical of most outsiders.
I cannot recall his name, but he was alone. I've heard the dangerous ones only travel in groups."

Inspect the Talisman of Saint Vorys, and High Priest Trilam will yell at you to step back from the relic. You should also check behind the shrine to read the Note to Rilasi.

Investigating the Baandari Camp[edit]

When you arrive at the Baandari camp, you'll find two Khajiit arguing. Speak to Eilirsu-dro:

"Luck be with you, walker. This one is Eilirsu-dro, caravan elder. Our wares and coin are in short supply, but our camp is open to all who may seek to rest and be at ease.
What does your heart seek that we may provide?"
Has anyone else come through your camp recently?
"Ah … no. We Baandari are used to scrutiny, but rarely from such a distance. The Dark Elves in these lands seem colder than most.
This is no matter. This one extends his warmest welcomes to you, instead."
Did you visit the Shrine of Saint Vorys nearby?
"The shrine … Oh! That shrine. It is a place holy to Dark Elves, yes? Of little interest to us Khajiit.
This one is late in his years, and does not remember, but he may have accidentally wandered through. Yes! That was probably so."
Have you seen any strange activity around your camp?
"Ask Shadeya. This one thought it sensible to hire protection while crossing a land rife with slavers, and her sharp eyes miss nothing!
And you are welcome to ask around our camp, walker. Make yourself at home among the Baandari."

Speak to Shadeya:

"What is it you want? Your nose is too close to my face."
Who are you?
"This one is called Shadeya. She and her mercenaries are here only to protect the caravan for coin. This one dislikes this place and will remain no longer than she must.
You have questions? Talk to the elder. This one knows nothing."
Did you visit the Shrine of Saint Vorys?
"This one is not in the habit of paying tithes to foreign saints. The elder may have gone, but he insisted others stay at the camp.
Fine by this one, so long as she gets paid."
Have you seen any suspicious activity around your camp?
"Yes, a nosy walker came to spy and ask foolish questions! And Shadeya was the only one bothered by this!
Then again, the elder and his family are Baandari. They are used to being treated like criminals. Anything else, nosy walker?"

The legend of The Eye of Baan Dar is written on a slip of paper in a tent at the back of the camp. You should read it and see if you can glean anything useful from it. High Priest Trilam mentioned that the large jewel set within the Talisman of Saint Vorys came from Elsweyr, and the legend detailed here mentions a jewel that was stolen away from the Khajiit.

Once you have investigated the shrine and the Baandari camp, return to Rilasi at the rocky outcrop southeast of the temple. Once you reach the staircase approaching the shrine, Rilasi will run up from the crypt, exclaiming that the Lark is in the crypts. Speak to her:

"I just saw him. The Lark of Rosgard—he's in the crypts! Just need a moment to catch my breath."
What happened?
"I was setting up protective runes in the crypts when some s'wit priest came bumbling in after me and set them off!
We were forced to flee when the spirits of the interred attacked us. And then the Lark of Rosgard managed to slither into the crypts! "
Won't he get attacked by the spirits?
"He's so slippery, there's no guarantee they'll even slow him down.
Quickly, please—if you can help deter the spirits, I'm sure we can corner him and stop this once and for all!"
I'm ready to chase down the Lark of Rosgard. Let's go.

The Crypts[edit]

Walk around to the western side of the temple, past Dravin Thilandas, and through the door to enter the Sailenmora Crypts. You'll pursue the Lark through the crypts starting from the west end of the complex, listening to he and Rilasi's banter as you pass through each major chamber. Once you reach the last large room on the east end of the crypt, Rilasi will suggest luring the Lark out of hiding. Go to he norther banister and observe the viewpoint: the Lark of Rosgard will appear on the platform in the middle of the room. He steals the Talisman, which Rilasi has hidden in the crypts, indicating that the one displayed at the shrine above is fake.

Talk to Rilasi and sort through what just happened.

"Nobody saw me. How could the Lark have known? He has the talisman. The real talisman.
I made a replica of the original, switched it out without the high priest knowing. Then, I hid the real one down here to keep it safe."
Why would you do that?
"The high priest refused my order to take the relic off display. He thinks it's safe as long as he's watching it.
But the Lark could steal stripes off a cat. If I couldn't stop his heist, I thought I could at least trick him into taking a replica."
The Lark saw through your trick. He left this note for you at the shrine.
"That arrogant s'wit! And if that foolish priest hadn't prematurely set off my runes, I'd have clipped the Lark's wings and had him dead to rights.
Tell me this isn't over. Tell me you found something useful. Something at the Khajiit camp, maybe?"
The elder, Eilirsu-dro, visited the shrine alone. I also found this story he wrote.
"A story. Great. What reason would this elder have to visit the …? Wait. Did you read this? His legend says the relic holds this Eye of Baan Dar.
Fetch it all. I need you to get back to the camp quickly, before the high priest intervenes."
I'll head back to the Baandari camp. What do you want me to do there?
"Keep an eye on that elder. If he's really involved, he may not know the danger he's put himself in.
Believe me, even if only one of the Khajiit is conspiring with the Lark, the high priest will make sure the entire caravan suffers for it."
It's too quiet...

Exit the building through the southern door, where you and Rilasi will part ways. Upon returning to the Baandari camp, you will find that it has been ransacked. There are a few dead Khajiit on the ground, though the rest of them seem to be missing. There's a Bloody Cloth on the ground in the middle of camp, and a ransom note is posted on the pole of a nearby tent.

Urishabi calls to you weakly from her place in front of the back tent: speak with her to learn what happened while you were playing with the Lark in the crypts.

"They're still alive in the ruins. Walker, please. Save my family."
What happened? Who did this?
"Shadeya kept pushing to leave. Eilirsu-dro insisted we stay.
And then he told her everything. The relic. The thief. Secrets we swore to keep. He spoke on the Eye's value to the Baandari. But she heard only the promise of coin."
What did she do with the others?
"Took them to the ruins. The relic is the price of their lives.
Too late for me, walker. Please … find the Lark. Save the others!"
I'll do what I can.

Urishabi informs you that her family was kidnapped by Shadeya and taken to the Old Sailenmora Outpost. Shadeya intends on using them as leverage to coerce the Lark into giving her the talisman so she can sell it for more gold than the Baandari were paying her to protect them. Once you've investigated everything in the camp and Urishabi has died, the Lark shows his face. Talk to him.

"What happened here? Did you do this?
I knew Rilasi was desperate to get me, but I never thought she'd order something like this."
Shadeya did this. She left a ransom note.
"Shadeya? Why did he tell her? That old cat is too quick to assume the good in everyone.
And perhaps I'm about to make the same mistake. But I'll ask it plainly: can I count on your help in rescuing my client and his family, or not?"
You don't get paid unless you rescue them, do you?
"You think the Baandari are paying me? They could barely afford to pay their mercenaries.
The Lark of Rosgard never leaves a job unfinished. Simple as that."
Why would you agree to steal something without getting paid for it?
"Stealing is so inelegant a word for what I do. I prefer to think of it as reacquisition. And the simple answer is that some things are much better earned than bought.
Trust, for example. If I give you the talisman, will I have earned yours?"
What's your plan?
"When we get to the ruins, I need you to barter with Shadeya. Do whatever you can to keep her occupied with the talisman.
While you do that, I'll do what I do best. It's a gamble, but I think we can pull it off."

You show him the Ransom Note from Shadeya, and the Lark enlists your help in rescuing the remaining Baandari at the Old Sailenmora Outpost. The Lark gives you the Talisman of Saint Vorys in exchange for your trust: he truly cares about the Baandari, and this isn't about money.

The Outpost[edit]

Distract Shadeya

The old outpost lies east of the Baandari camp: you need to meet the Lark there. You'll face nix-hounds in the entrance of the outpost and mercenaries further in. Shadeya is holding the Baandari elder hostage on a bridge suspended over a river of magma. She threatens to slit his throat if you come any closer. Talk to her to cover for the Lark while he sets Eilirsu-dro free.

"You should have kept your nose to yourself, walker. This does not concern you!"
I have the Talisman of Saint Vorys.
"What? Where did you—?
It does not matter. Give it to Shadeya, now!"
What are you planning to do with the Talisman?
"With so many hands grasping for it, someone must pay well for it, yes?
Shadeya is losing patience. Toss it over, now!"
I'll throw it on the count of three. One … two ….
"What was that? No! Curse you, thief!"

The Lark teleports himself and Eilirsu-dro to your side on your count. Shadeya threatens to kill the other hostages while Armiger Rilasi shows up. The Lark vanishes while the elder

Armiger Rilasi runs up from the cave's entrance, and the Lark speaks.

Lark of Rosgard: "That's Rilasi. Follow my lead and play along."
Armiger Rilasi: "Stop right there!"
Lark of Rosgard: "You've tricked me out of the talisman, but you'll never catch me alive!"
Eilirsu-dro: "Scoundrel! Thief! Pariah curse you and hound your steps for all your days!"
Armiger Rilasi: "Well, that was convincing. Where are the others?"

You have the option of speaking to Rilasi and Eilirsu-dro before you rescue the hostages. The elder begs you to save his family. Rilasi tells you to save the Baandari, saying that the talisman isn't nearly as valuable as their lives. She says she'll guide the elder out of the outpost safely, and asks you to direct the freed hostages to their camp when you free them.

Turn away from the bridge and head through the door to the Outpost Tunnel. You'll fight a handful of mercenaries on your way to the Outpost Annex, where you'll face Shadeya and two of her lackeys. Your primary objective is to free the three hostages by unlocking their chain posts: Hirziran lies to the north, Broomtail lies to the east, and Izishsu is on the south side of the room. Once you've freed the hostages, exit the dungeon through the back door.

Jump down and meet the Lark of Rosgard on the crossroads.

The Lark gives you the Replica Talisman of Saint Vorys before disappearing. You must now make a choice: return the real talisman to Eilirsu-dro and give the fake talisman to the high priest, or give the real talisman back to the temple.

If you give the real talisman to the Baandari, they are very thankful. When you tell the elder that you're going to give the replica talisman to the temple, he and the rescued hostages laugh before Eilirsu-dro acknowledges your cleverness. You'll then need to talk to Rilasi and give her the fake talisman. Afterwards, Arminger Rilasi says she plans to pursue the Lark as he wished. The high priest thinks he sees a change in the stone, and believes this is a positive sign: perhaps it will bring more pilgrims to the shrine.

If you give the real talisman to Armiger Rilasi, (?)

Quest Stages[edit]

A Thief to Catch a Thief
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A passing pilgrim told me of a strange investigation happening at the Shrine of Saint Vorys in Sailenmora. I should journey to see what's happening there.
Objective: Go to the Temple of St. Vorys
Latest start A thief has declared his intent to steal the Talisman of Saint Vorys from the shrine in Sailenmora. I should speak to someone familiar with the situation.
Objective: Talk to Rilasi
Rilasi urged me to start by questioning individuals at the shrine and the Baandari camp nearby. They could provide information vital for stopping the theft. Investigating the shrine and the camp might turn up some useful clues as well.
Objective: Investigate the Temple
Hidden Objective: Enter the Temple
Hidden Objective: Talk to High Priest Trilam
Hidden Objective: Inspect the Note
Hidden Objective: Inspect the Talisman
Objective: Investigate the Baandari Camp
Hidden Objective: Go to the Khajiit Camp
Hidden Objective: Talk to Eilirsu-dro
Hidden Objective: Talk to Shadeya
Hidden Objective: Inspect the Notebook
I questioned all relevant individuals and found all the clues I could around the shrine and Baandari camp. I should return to where I met Rilasi to tell her what I discovered.
Objective: Return to Rilasi
The Lark of Rosgard escaped into the Sailenmora crypts under the Shrine of Saint Vorys. Rilasi thinks we can catch him. I should head into the crypts with Rilasi.
Objective: Enter the Crypt
Optional Step: Talk to Rilasi
Rilasi and I entered the crypts beneath the Shrine of Saint Vorys. We must continue our pursuit.
Objective: Pursue the Lark of Rosgard
Rilasi thinks the Lark of Rosgard is nearby. I should search for him.
Objective: Search for the Lark of Rosgard
The Lark of Rosgard says he's stolen the real Talisman of Saint Vorys, which somehow ended up in the Sailenmora Crypts. I should speak to Rilasi to understand what happened.
Objective: Talk to Rilasi
Unbeknownst to High Priest Trilam, Rilasi swapped out the real talisman for a replica to try and fool the Lark. Based on what I discovered, Rilasi and I think the Lark may be headed to the Baandari camp with the real talisman. I should go there now.
Objective: Return to the Baandari Camp
Someone ransacked the Baandari camp. I should search for clues on what happened here.
Objective: Investigate the Ransacked Camp
Hidden Objective: Inspect the Bloody Evidence
Hidden Objective: Speak with Urishabi
Hidden Objective: Read the Ransom Note
The Lark of Rosgard appeared at the Baandari camp, looking confused. I should speak with him about what happened here.
Objective: Talk to the Lark of Rosgard
Shadeya and her mercenaries are holding Eilirsu-dro's family hostage in the Old Sailenmora Outpost nearby. The Lark has a plan to rescue them. I should head into the outpost.
Objective: Go to the Outpost Ruins
Shadeya is holding the hostages somewhere in the Old Sailenmora Outpost. Per the Lark's plan, I should track her down to bargain with her.
Objective: Confront Shadeya
Shadeya wants to exchange her hostages for the Talisman of Saint Vorys. I should speak to her and keep her talking.
Objective: Talk to Shadeya
Shadeya ran off once she realized she'd been tricked. I should rescue Eiliru-dro's family members before anyone else gets hurt.
Objective: Rescue the Hostages: 0/3
Optional Step: Talk to Eilirsu-dro
Optional Step: Talk to Rilasi
I released all the hostages. I should leave the outpost and make sure everyone made it to safety.
Objective: Leave the Outpost Ruins
The Lark of Rosgard met me outside the outpost. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to the Lark of Rosgard
Thanks to the Lark of Rosgard, I have both the real and replica versions of the Talisman of Saint Vorys. I should decide which talisman is going to the temple.
Complete one: Deliver the Talisman to Rilasi or Give the Real Talisman to Eilirsu-dro
Finishes quest☑ (If you gave the real talisman to Armiger Rilasi) I have decided to return both the real and replica talismans to Rilasi so she can destroy the replica and see the relic returned to the shrine.
Objective: Talk to Rilasi
Finishes quest☑ (If you gave the real talisman to Eilirsu-dro) I have decided to give Eilirsu-dro the real Talisman of Saint Vorys. The Eye of Baan Dar has returned to the hands of the Baandari, and the replica is in Rilasi's hands to return to the shrine.
Objective: Talk to Rilasi
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