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High Priest Trilam
Home Settlement Sailenmora
Location Shrine of Saint Vorys
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 15000
Reaction Friendly
High Priest Trilam

High Priest Trilam is a Dark Elf priest who can be found at the shrine of Saint Vorys in Sailenmora. He does not appear until the related quest has begun.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Thief to Catch a Thief[edit]

You'll find him at the temple, standing vigil in front of the shrine.

High Priest Trilam: "All may bask in the talisman's divine glory—from a respectful distance, please!"

Speak with him about the situation with the talisman.

"If you're here to bask in the presence of the Talisman of Saint Vorys, I humbly ask that you do so out of arm's reach!
If you have any questions about the relic's history, I'd be more than happy to answer them."
I'm here because Rilasi hired me to help her stop the relic from being stolen.
"Shh, not so loud! This is a very delicate situation. We need to ensure that what few pilgrims we have aren't scared off by any of this.
Rilasi hasn't exactly kept us apprised of her plans. What did she send you to do?"
She wanted me to search for anything suspicious and assure you she has everything under control.
"Of course she did. That's it, I'm sending a priest to shadow her.
After Rilasi came through to examine the talisman, I've had to stand watch. I've made sure not to let anyone get too close, especially not any outsiders. It's been exhausting!"
Have you had any visitors that weren't Dark Elves?
"Aside from you? There was one other. An elder Khajiit who asked many questions. Without, I might add, the judgmental sneering typical of most outsiders.
I cannot recall his name, but he was alone. I've heard the dangerous ones only travel in groups."
What can you tell me about the history of this shrine?
"I'm so glad you asked!
This shrine has stood since the dawn of the Second Era in honor of Saint Vorys the Immolant, patron saint of House Telvanni. I am the high priest, and I oversee the care of our most valued relic, the Talisman of Saint Vorys."
What's the story behind the talisman?
"Saint Vorys believed that we honor our ancestors through the forceful expression of will over others.
The gem within the relic exemplifies this belief. It was claimed in conquest during his march across Elsweyr."
Saint Vorys stole the gem from the Khajiit in Elsweyr?
"Not stole—claimed in conquest.
The shrine is dedicated to exercising our forceful expression of will. We hope to someday unravel the hidden mystical properties held by the gem that eluded even the great Saint Vorys until his death."
You mean no one has been able to figure out what the gem inside the Talisman can do?
"Testing one's will on the talisman serves as a humbling reminder that forceful expression of one's will is an unending journey.
Sailenmora used to be a haven for aspiring Telvanni, pilgrims eager to test their mettle. But alas, those days are gone."
People don't visit anymore? Why not?
"Most come to visit the crypts. Few stay to properly observe the majesty of the relic. I cannot understand why.
Admittedly, we have had an influx of visitors since this Lark character announced his intentions to steal the talisman."
The heist is drawing in more visitors?
"I'd hate to think that spectacle was the only thing calling pilgrims to the shrine anymore.
And if the Lark succeeds, there won't be anything here worth visiting for at all! Please, make sure Rilasi stops him, will you?"

If you exit the conversation and speak with him again, he says:

"Since Rilasi isn't keeping me apprised of your movements, I'd appreciate it if you could.
Tell me if you have any other questions I might answer."

When you examine the Talisman of Saint Vorys, Trilam admonishes you:

High Priest Trilam: "Excuse me! Please step back from the relic!"

If you speak to him after Rilasi tells you the Lark of Rosgard is in the crypt, he says:

"I heard some sort of disturbance after I sent one of my priests to follow Rilasi into the crypts.
Might you go investigate? We have no idea what she's doing down there."

You'll have the opportunity to speak with him at the end of the quest.

Giving the Talisman to the Baandari[edit]

If you approach with only the replica in your inventory:

"I do think this attempted theft might actually encourage more Telvanni to visit our humble shrine!
One can hope, anyway."

When you return the talisman (just the fake one or both the real and replica talismans) to Armiger Rilasi, she gives it to Trilam, and he commends her for recovering the relic.

High Priest Trilam: "Armiger Rilasi, your efforts in returning this relic to our shrine will be noted."

You can talk to him after the quest.

"Thank you again for your service. I would say that we are in your debt, but this is what Rilasi hired you for, is it not?
I did want to ask you something. I noticed that the talisman appears a little … different."
Different how?
"It's changed, somehow. The gem inside seems to have a different sort of luster.
I rather wonder if your forceful expression of will in seeing its safe return has somehow tapped into its hidden power! It's an exciting development, to say the least."
Has anyone else seen any change in the talisman?
"I've heard nothing. But of course, no one knows the talisman as intimately as I do.
Our relic being threatened as it was has to mean we'll have an influx of pilgrims soon. Perhaps others will be able to provoke it further!"

Giving the Talisman to Rilasi[edit]

If you approach him with both the replica and real talismans in your inventory, he'll say:

"I don't know how it happened. That thief appeared out of nowhere—and took the talisman right out of my hands!
Why isn't Rilasi doing something about this?"


"The news of your good deed will spread all the way to Necrom. We're sure to get an influx of visitors to the temple any day now!
I can't wait to see this shrine returned to its former glory."

Chronicle of Fate[edit]

If you gave the talisman to the Baandari, the high priest will be in attendance for the Necrom celebration.

Speaking to him:

"May the blessings of Saint Vorys be upon you! I was hoping you'd say hello.
The shrine has had an influx of visitors, just as I thought it would. When I heard you would be attending the reopening celebration, I had to come and show my appreciation."
You felt comfortable leaving the talisman under someone else's watch?
"What? Why? You don't think that thief would return…oh, no. I never should have left!
I just came to ask—but it hardly matters, does it? I could have just made something up!"
What did you come to ask?
"All the pilgrims care about is hearing how you and Rilasi stopped the Lark of Rosgard. But I don't know very much about you…
I'll just ask the others here about your exploits. Then I'm headed straight back to the shrine!"
Good idea.