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"Welcome to Shad Astula, the Academy of Magic! This is where the most talented mages of the Ebonheart Pact come to learn, share a common origin, and become leaders in the magical community. Your journey begins here."
Shad Astula Academy Handbook
Shad Astula
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Deshaan
Appears in ESO
The Shad Astula Academy

Shad Astula Academy was a school of magic in Morrowind, located near the city of Mournhold. Although focused primarily on the arcane arts, its students were also educated in writing, leadership, and military strategy in preparation for assuming leadership roles in the Ebonheart Pact during the Alliance War.[1][2] The entrance requirements and curriculum were infamously rigorous, but resulted in high-quality graduates produced in half the time of a traditional Mages Guild education.[3] The academy was built on the foundations of much older buildings, and some of the underhalls, such as the library vaults, were still in use during the Second Era.[4]

Students at Shad Astula learned from master mages in a highly permissive and experimental environment, designed to weed out the weak and rapidly enhance the skills of the strong.[5] The curriculum divided the magical arts into schools, such as Restoration and Illusion, which was a novel approach at the time that would quickly be adopted by the Mages Guild.[3]

In 2E 582, Shad Astula was under the leadership of Arch-Mage Valeyn when it was attacked by the Maulborn during an attempted takeover.[6]

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