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The College of Whispers is one of the organizations formed after the dissolution of the Mages Guild at the start of the Fourth Era, the other being the Synod. It is an Imperially sanctioned magical institution, and has a cynosure in Water's Edge.[1] The two groups are rivals, and constantly strive to earn the favor of the Elder Council. The College played a part in defending the Imperial City from Umbriel circa 4E 48.[2] The organization participates in research, and is known to summon Daedra[3] and practice Necromancy.[4] The College had the most up-to-date information on Umbriel, and reported that its "wormies" are more akin to flesh atronachs than bonewalkers or zombies, but don't respond to the same "arcane stimuli".[2]

Both the College of Whispers and the Synod have attempted to create alliances with the College of Winterhold, but despite pressures the independent organization has remained neutral.[4]