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The school of Thaumaturgy was one of the major avenues of magicka study. Unlike Alteration it does not change the appearance or structure of a force or object, but can manipulate laws temporarily. This allows thaumaturges to perform acts which can only be achieved through brute force in other schools of magic, such as levitation, etherealness, detection, pacification, water walking, teleportation, summoning and the manipulation of other magical forces.[1][2] Conjuration is still superior for summoning from a distance, as Thaumaturgical summoning can be risky and can only draw from the surrounding area.[1] Many enchanted artifacts which were once held in the Battlespire were of a Thaumaturgical nature.[3] Thaumaturgy is no longer considered one of the major schools of magic. Its effects were largely incorporated into other schools, and many of them are not used at all any more.


Charm Mortal
Calm Humanoid
Calm Humanoid1
Quiet Undead
Calm Creature1
Spell Reflection
Spell Resistance4
Resist Magicka5
Water Walking
Water Walking2

1Moved into Illusion school
2Moved into Alteration school
3Moved into Mysticism school
4Shared with Restoration and Alteration schools
5Moved into Restoration school

In addition to the flagship titles, other games have had effects in the Thaumaturgy school:

Dispel Magic
Monster Summoning
Spell Reflection
Spell Resistance


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