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The School of Thaumaturgy is one of the six avenues of magical study. This School concentrates on exposing or manipulating known forces and objects within their natural laws. It is evident in spells like Levitation and Detection. No Thaumaturgical spell can permanently change the appearance or structure of a force or object. Buying, creating, and casting spells of alteration [sic] are less expensive for mages skilled in this path.

Thaumaturgy's governing attribute is Willpower. The skill is checked whenever you cast a spell from the Thaumaturgy School of Magic.


"Thaumaturgy refers to the School of Thaumaturgy, one of the six avenues of magica [sic] study. A Thaumaturgical spell does not change the appearance or structure of a force or object, but can manipulate laws temporarily, as evident in such spells as Levitate and Detection."


The following classes have Thaumaturgy as a skill:


The following factions have Thaumaturgy as a required skill:


Thaumaturgy training is offered by the following factions: