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The Critical Strike (or Critical Striking) skill gives a skill % chance to add skill / 10% to hit chance. Contrary to the descriptions found in-game and in the game manual, Critical Strike does not increase damage inflicted upon a target.

Critical Strike increases each time the player attempts a melee attack at 0.25x rate.

Critical Strike's governing attribute is Agility.


In-Game Description[edit]

"Critical Striking is a skill checked whenever one has successfully struck a target. A target that receives a successful Critical Strike suffers withering, often fatal, additional damage."

Manual Description[edit]

"A character who is skilled in Critical Striking knows how to inflict the greatest amount of damage to any target. This does not translate as greater accuracy; but if a successful hit is scored, a veritable explosion of damage will result. Assassins and other business-like predators favor this skill."


The following classes have Critical Strike as a skill:


The following factions have Critical Strike as a required skill:


Critical Strike training is offered by the following factions: