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The Summerset Orrery, made of celestial minerals gathered from Aetherius

The Sun Birds of Alinor were a mythical order of Aldmeri explorers from the Merethic Era. According to legend, they managed to pierce the veil between Mundus and Aetherius using raw magic of the Ehlnofey.[1] Their expeditions to Aetherius are said to be among the most famous attempts in history, alongside similar endeavors undertaken by the Royal Imperial Mananauts of the Elder Council during the time of the Reman Dynasty,[2] but some scholars believe that actual proof of a successful journey is non-existent.[1]

The order was eventually dissolved due to the vast expenditures of magicka required to travel.[2] Few remaining legacies exist of these fabled travelers. Possibly the most notable example is the Great Orrery at Firsthold, whose spheres are made up of genuine celestial mineral gathered by travelers during the Merethic Era.[2]

Lastly, during the mid-Second Era, a prismatic Sun Bird feather was unearthed by the University of Gwylim's Antiquarian Circle. While its exact function remains unknown, scholars speculated it may have been an orienteering tool of some sort.[1]

Their ships were described as being made of crystal and solidified sunlight, and having gem-encrusted mini-trebuchets fit for sailing which fire pure aetheric fire, and banners listing their ancestors all the way back to the Dawn.[UOL 1]



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