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Flame magic

The school of Destruction is one of the six schools of magic. It is concerned with dealing damage to all forms of matter, both living and non-living, and with making matter more vulnerable to such damage. Mastery of Destruction magic may bring a certain amount of danger.

Types of Destruction Magic[edit]

Destruction magic boils down to five basic types: elemental damage, value-draining, value-damaging, vulnerability, and disintegration.

  • Elemental damage uses fire, frost, shock, or (rarely) poison to inflict damage directly. These may be fired directly at targets, but some applications have utilized these forces to be set off by proximity runes, or used a form of protective cloak, or even a damaging wall of magical energy to deter opponents. Practitioners of fire magic are known as Pyromancers,[1] practitioners of ice magic are known as Cryomancers,[2] and practitioners of storm magic are known as Electromancers.[3]
  • Value-draining magic attacks a creature's body by temporarily reducing one of its fundamental statistics. This may be used to attack a skill, such as ability with a sword or proficiency in acrobatics, or an attribute, such as a creature's luck or agility. It may be used to make a creature tired by attacking its fatigue or it can be used to drain a creature's health or magicka reserves. Whatever value is attacked, it returns to its previous value once the magical effect wears off.
  • Value-damaging magic works similarly to value-draining magic. It targets the same values, but the effect remains after the spell's duration is over. The resulting damage must be cured using Restoration magic.
  • Vulnerability spells make the target more susceptible to other forms of damage. This includes not only elemental damage, but also damage from weapons, poison and even magic itself. It can even be used to make the target more vulnerable to disease.
  • Disintegration spells only attack equipment: armor or weapons. However, some skilled wizards have learned to disintegrate the entire bodies of foes through mastery of shock magic.

Although these are the basic types of effect, other effects such as the damage inflicted by the sun upon vampires are often studied by mages skilled in Destruction magic. Many diseases can be viewed as a form of Destruction magic.


Sometime between late 3E 399 and 3E 426, an Illusionist named Berevar Bero gave a speech in the Imperial City in which he suggested that the School of Destruction is not a true school and should be merged into the School of Alteration. After Bero decided to have the speech printed and it caught the attention of academics, a battlemage named Malviser delivered a particularly stinging rebuke.[4] In 3E 431, the Council of Mages decided that Destruction magic in Cyrodiil was to become the responsibility of the guildhall in the town of Skingrad.[5]

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