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Sep, also known as the Second Serpent, is the Yokudan and Redguard version of Lorkhan. He is said to have been created by Ruptga.[1] Sep lends his name to Sep adders and to Sep's Spine.


Tall Papa wanted help regulating the spirit trade,[1] so he created Sep, also called the "Second Serpent", from the detritus of past skins. Sep could not think straight due to intense hunger, and Tall Papa sometimes had to reach down his throat and save spirits Sep had erroneously eaten. Sep eventually got tired of helping Tall Papa.[2] Eventually driven crazy by the hunger of Satakal, Sep convinced some of the gods to help him make an easier alternative to the Walkabout,[1] the process of sliding between worldskins to escape the hunger of Satakal which was pioneered by Tall Papa. Tall Papa, of course, knew better, and just shook his head as they formed a ball from past skins to live on.[2] Sep's skin-ball became the mortal world, and the spirits who followed Sep became trapped there to live out their lives as mortals,[1] and they had to resort to procreation to have any form of survival.[2] Sep was punished by Tall Papa for his transgressions, but his hunger lives on as a void in the stars, a 'non-space' that tries to upset mortal entry into the Far Shores.[1] Tall Papa is said to have squashed the Second Serpent with a big stick. While the rest of the new world was allowed to strive back to godhood, Sep could only slink around in a dead skin, or swim about in the sky, a hungry void that jealously tried to eat the stars.[2]

In some stories, Sep's hunger is related to greed in men. These stories tell that the sinking of Yokuda was not caused by the Hiradirge, but rather by Sep's hunger growing strong in men and leading them away from proper reverence of the divines. This caused Satakal to rise from the starry deeps and sink the continent of Yokuda. The hunger of Sep is said to have been left behind in sunken Yokuda, but that it may make its return someday, as it can never be sated, and it is said to be a part of every mortal.[3]

The modern Assassin Beetles of Hammerfell were originally known as Samara Scarabs, they are said to have changed into assassin beetles because they have been smitten by the Hunger of Sep.[3]


  • Worshippers of Sep are known to recite the "Six Symbols of Sep".[4]