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The Prophet
(RefID: xx0028F5)
Added by Knights of the Nine
Location Anvil,
Priory of the Nine
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 2 Class Commoner
RefID xx0028F5 BaseID xx000F7D
Other Information
Health 26 Magicka 102
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Essential Always
Faction(s) None
The Prophet preaching to the people in Anvil
The Prophet prays in the Priory of the Nine

The Prophet is an Imperial added by the Knights of the Nine official download. You will meet the Prophet first in Anvil during the quest Pilgrimage. After the restoration of the Priory of the Nine, he will disappear from Anvil forever.

The Prophet came to Anvil with little goods, carrying only his tan robe, sandals, and three Wayshrines Maps.

You meet him once more at the Priory of the Nine during the quest The Blessing of Talos. He lifts your fatigue curse and gives you The Blessing of Talos, a special lesser power. The Prophet then sends you on the quest Umaril the Unfeathered, your final mission to destroy Umaril.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


The blood of Dibella's slaughtered acolytes cries out for vengeance.

After the attack in Anvil occurs, he can be encountered evangelizing to the people of city:

Hear me, o people of Cyrodiil! Look well upon the Chapel of Dibella. Look at the faces of the dead. This is your future. Evil has returned, and the Nine need a champion! Is there no one who would stand for the Nine? Now Mara's children cry out from beyond the grave for vengeance! How many more must die at Umaril's hand?
I AM CYRODIIL COME, he said, Old Reman, born from the earth that IS Al-Esh, and yet he would scorn this country now! Repent! I say again, REPENT! The blood of Dibella's slaughtered acolytes cries out for vengeance. Vengeance! Who will take up this holy crusade? Love and Mercy! Do you still think me mad? Who shall next fall to Umaril's bloody revenge?
The Eight And One require a champion, a Divine Crusader reborn. Pelinal Whitestrake once struck down the enemies of man and god. Who will now reclaim his Relics and fight again for the true faith? There are loremasters among you, heads so heavy with learning that you cannot raise your eyes to the heavens to see the truth there written! Cut eight-wise he was, Pelinal the Blamer, champion of Men, and though dispersed he left us a warning! Heed it!
Umaril is returned, as was foretold by the head of Pelinal to the Bull of Kyne in those days of old Cyrodiil. Who will walk the Pilgrim's Way, as did the questing knights of old? The blood tide rises! Will no one take up this holy crusade? Will no one walk the ancient Pilgrim's Way? Oh unhappy Tamriel! Where is your Divine Crusader, in these latter days of petty strife and lesser men?
Umaril -- yes, your children know that name if you do not. The Dread Castellan of fearful legend. Did you think him a myth? Or dead? Have you not heard the Abadal-a? Spoke Peninal [sic]: "Beware, Morihaus, beware! With the foresight of death I know now that my foe yet lives, bitter knowledge to take to my grave..." "Better that I had died believing myself the victor. Although cast beyond the doors of night, he will return.""Be vigilant! I can no longer shield the host of Men from Umaril's retribution." Thus spake Pelinal in the hour of his death.
The Unfeathered has come during the Breaking of Gates! His golden-wickedness will hold fast against all arms except those of his ancient foe, the Whitestrake!
The gate, once open, cares not who passeth through. Our ancient enemy has returned, from the deeps of time, to exact his revenge upon the gods. The gods, the Eight Attendants of Saint Pelinal when he smote down Umaril the Unfeathered...
Are there no ears to hear the warnings? Are there no eyes to witness the Wheel's breaking? The Eight and One favor only the righteous! And too few of you remain! The Thief has found the lock that he cannot break! The Warrior, the foe that cannot fall! The Wizard, an incantation that takes not to his tongue! Truly this is the Age of the Serpent and the Void that follows! The Guardians have fallen and no one remains to watch their charges, and all the heavens are now banquet for the Princes of Misrule!
And Talos said to the Arctus, "Let us join as one to fortify this throne, this land, these people, each one glorious under heaven!" Would you not do the same, children of Cyrodiil? No, you would not! This is plain! You looked away when the fires flickered, and now act lost that they are gone! Only death remains for Tamriel! Death and oblivion!
"That all the Interplay is one flea of assertion on a wolf of naught." It is by these heresies that you fall from grace! Shame on you, people of Cyrodiil, and more shame for the children that you give freely to the mouth of Destruction!
The Al-Esh is near! Mother of the Empire! She weeps for fallen Cyrod and all her children that call it home for truly she is the mother to us all! Citizens, the Queen of Stars asks you: where is her issue? Where are the men who can walk in her steps? In whose blood has the dragon taken purchase? Alessia! Reman! Talos! They cry for blood akin to theirs to rekindle the dragonpact! Citizens, take to your knives! Are there no ears to hear the warnings? Are there no eyes to witness the Wheel's breaking?
You pore over your dusty tomes of lore. You study ancient genealogies and bloodlines. Look you to blood for truth? There is truth in blood, but it is not the truth that you seek! The truth is written in the blood of the innocent, there in the Chapel of Love! Can you not read the ancient runes? "As oiobala Umarile, Ehlnada racuvar!" A curse and a threat to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear! Are there are any among you who still understand the ancient tongue? "By the eternal power of Umaril, the mortal gods shall be cast down."
Who will match the deeds of Sir Amiel and his companions when they smote the Wyrm of Elenglynn to recover the Cuirass of the Crusader?
Think on this -- what happened here is only the beginning.
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He is the enemy of all who walk free on Tamriel today. A survivor of the ancient race of Ayleid slavemasters who once ruled Cyrodiil.
He was struck down by Pelinal, but by his art Umaril had bound himself to the realm of his mistress, the Daedra Lord Meridia.
So he was not slain, but simply cast adrift upon the waters of Oblivion.
Now he has returned to seek vengeance upon the gods who helped bring about his downfall so many ages ago.

Speaking to him will have him greet you differently, depending on your fame or infamy:

Conditions Greeting
>5 Fame on first meeting "Oh my. To what do I owe this honor? I am but a humble prophet. What business do you have with me?"
>1 Infamy on first meeting "Well, well. A wayward son returning to the church? What do you want with me?"
Default greeting on first meeting if other conditions are not met "So, another one who has come to listen to the madman's rantings."
>5 Fame after first meeting "I am at your service, a humble vessel of the gods."
>1 Infamy after first meeting "Your crimes are of no account to me. I am neither judge nor priest."
Default greeting "I am busy with the gods' work. Are you?"

You can ask him about the chapel attack:

Anvil Chapel attack
"This is only the beginning. Umaril has returned, as foretold by Pelinal Whitestrake in his dying breath!"

This will give you the option to ask him about several topics in relation to the attack:

Question Response
Umaril? Who's that? "Umaril the Unfeathered, the sorceror-king of the Ayleids who ruled over this land for long ages before the rise of Men. He was cast down by Pelinal Whitestrake. But Umaril's spirit survived, and now he has returned to seek vengeance upon the gods."
Who is Pelinal Whitestrake? "Does no one remember the old tales? Saint Pelinal, the Divine Crusader of legend -- Alessia's companion when she overthrew the rule of the Ayleids 3,000 years ago. Pelinal, with the aid of the gods, fought the Ayleid sorceror-king Umaril and slew him. But Umaril's spirit survived, and he has now returned!"
Just tell me who attacked the Chapel. "Do you understand nothing? The blood speaks! I can read the ancient runes, if you cannot. "As oiobala Umarile, Ehlnada racuvar", in the Ayleid tongue. "By the eternal power of Umaril, the mortal gods shall be cast down." A curse upon Umaril's ancient foes -- and a threat."

This will all lead to:

So how do we stop Umaril?
"Alas. Umaril cannot be stopped. Not without the aid of the gods. Not without the Crusader's Relics. Without a champion, the gods are powerless to act. But who among us is worthy to wield the Divine Crusader's weaponry"
I don't know who will stop Umaril.
"Nor do I. Oh my people, who will save you from destruction? Is there none worthy to be your crusader?"
I will quest for the relics.
"You would quest for the holy panoply of Pelinal Whitestrake? The legendary Relics that have been sought by mighty warriors throughout the ages? Are you a worthy knight?"

This will lead to a choice of options depending on different circumstances:

Player Response
Yes, I am a worthy knight. "Then I'm sure you will have no trouble finding the Relics on your own. You clearly need no aid from man or god. Why do you come to me for aid, worthy knight?"
Yes, I am the Hero of Kvatch. "Well then, "Hail, Hero of Kvatch!" Let me add one more voice to the neverending chorus of praise. I'm sure one of your many devotees will able to guide you on your way to find the Crusader's Relics."
Yes, I am the Champion of Cyrodiil. "And never let anyone forget it, Champion! I salute you. This small matter of the Crusader's Relics should be a trifle for a legend such as yourself."
Yes, I am the Fighter's Guildmaster. "I apologize for even asking the question, most esteemed Master. Please, do not allow me to interrupt your quest for the Relics."
Yes, I am the Archmage. "And a worthy successor to Hannibal Traven, I have no doubt. I'm sure your arcane arts will locate the lost Relics for you in no time."
No. I serve Sithis. "Indeed. And yet you would seek the holy Relics? The gods will find you an interesting plaything, I have no doubt."
Not unless the Gray Fox is a knight. "An honest thief? I'll leave it to the priests of Zenithar to debate that paradox with you."
No. I have no claim to fame. (Any infamy) "Let the gods be the judge of that. I cannot see into men's hearts. I see only their words and deeds."
No. I have no claim to fame. (No infamy but have fame) "A humble heart is a good starting point. The gods will decide if you are worthy to seek the Relics."
No. I have no claim to fame. (No infamy or fame) "Perhaps, perhaps not. What men value is not always what the gods look for in a champion."
Yes, I am the Arena Grand Champion.* "Oh my, the Grand Champion of all of Cyrodiil! By Azura(, by Azura, by Azura) indeed! Surely there can be no better preparation for becoming a holy knight than a career spent slaughtering for the public's entertainment.."
  • Does not appear in the base game due to an incorrect check in the dialogue. PC Only This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.

When you say that you have no claim to fame you can then ask:

How can I find the Relics?
"The gods grant insight to those they deem worthy. Why and how they act is not predictable. What I can tell you is that traditionally, knights who wished to quest for the Relics would walk the Pilgrim's Way. Travel to the Wayshrines of the Nine Divines. Pray to each of the gods in turn, and ask their favor upon your quest. If the gods deem you worthy, you will be granted a sign. Go forth with the Nine's blessings."

He can then be asked further questions:

Crusader's Relics
"The weapons and armor of Pelinal Whitestrake. Alessia's comrade, granted to him by the Eight Divines. He went alone in the White Gold Tower, challenged the Ayleid sorceror-king Umaril to single combat, and slew him. Alas, Umaril was no truly slain, but only cast beyond the bounds of Nirn. And now he has returned to wreak his vengeances upon the gods, as was prophesied by Pelinal himself with his dying breath. Only a true knight, wielding the Holy Relics of the Divine Crusader, has a chance to defeat Umaril. But, alas for Tamriel, the Crusader's Relics have been lost for many an age. Who now can succeed in the quest for the Relics, where the greatest knights of legend all failed?"
"Walking the Pilgrim's Way is the traditional start of a holy quest. Follow the map I gave you. Visit the Wayshrines of the Nine, pray, and wait for a sign."
Eight and One
"Once there were Eight Divines. Then, Tiber Septim became Talos and the Eight became Nine. I follow the old way, of honoring the Eight while also giving due to Talos, the One who ascended."
"He was defeated, but not destroyed, by Pelinal the Crusader. Now he has returned to seek vengeance against the gods. Only a true knight, wielding the holy Relics of the Divine Crusader, has a chance to defeat Umaril."

The Blessing of Talos[edit]

When you return to the Priory, you will find that The Prophet has arrived and wishes to speak to you. He will tell you about The Blessing of Talos and how it can aid you in defeating Umaril fully:

"You have stepped from the humble shadows of obscurity into legend. No feat you have accomplished in your life compares to what you have become. You are an embodiment of Pelinal Whitestrake, the bane of Umaril the Unfeathered. The time has come for you to fulfill your destiny. Umaril lies hid in the ancient fane of Garlas Malatar. You must go there and destroy him."
I am ready then?
"No. Should you face Umaril, you would suffer the same fate as Pelinal. But times change and even the shape of the divine itself must change with it. Where once there were Eight, now One more stands with them, and they have become Nine."
You mean Talos?
"Aye. With the apotheosis of Tiber Septim, the face of the divine was transformed. Talos ascended and the Eight became Nine."
I don't know much about the gods...
"Then it is past time that you learned. If you would serve the Nine, you should know of them. You have heard of the god Talos? One of the Nine? And surely the name of Tiber Septim has not escaped you? Talos and Tiber Septim are one and the same. Rather, Tiber Septim ascended to godhood upon his death, and became Talos. So, although you wear the armor of the gods, it is incomplete -- a relic of the old ways and the old gods."

Either option leads to:

How do I destroy Umaril, then?
"As a proven guardian of this realm and a warrior the likes of which have not been seen in millenia [sic], Talos grants you his sacred Blessing. With the ancient gifts of the Eight, and the new gift of the One, you are ready to face Umaril."
What does the blessing do?
"It will allow you to follow Umaril into the spirit realm upon his death. It will allow you to destroy him, body and soul, utterly and for all time. You must first kill his living body. While beyond the power of most mortals, this is only the lesser of your two tasks. His Daedric nature allows his spirit to escape into Oblivion after death. This is what Pelinal learned upon defeating Umaril the first time. But you can do what Pelinal could not. The Blessing of Talos will allow you to follow Umaril's spirit when it leaves his body. This you must do, and you must not fail. You will not, because the Nine fight with you."
I want to know about Umaril's spirit.
"When Umaril joined with the Daedra, his spirit expanded beyond this realm. His physical form can travel between realms, but his spirit is bound. When his body is destroyed, his spirit travels back to Oblivion and is reformed in the fires of creation. With the armor of the gods and the Blessing of Talos, you will be able to follow him where Pelinal could not and destroy his very spirit. Once his spirit is destroyed, he will be completely obliterated -- erased from all realms of existence."
What is Garlas Malatar?
"Garlas Malatar was the westernmost outpost of the Ayleid empire. It watched over what we call the Abecean Sea. Since his return, Umaril has taken Garlas Malatar as his lair. That is where you must seek him out."
What kind of foe is Umaril?
"Umaril cannot be bested in his physical form by any normal means. His blows can strike down the mightiest of warriors in a single stroke. The Eight created the Relics to withstand Umaril's fell power. Do not attempt to face him without this divine protection."
That's all. I'm ready.
"Your Knights will assemble at Garlas Malatar and await you there. Gather all those who you deem worthy. Not all who enter those halls shall return. Those who fall in service of the Nine will live on forever in the halls of their fathers. I wish you well on your quest, Crusader. We are depending on you."

If approached again:

"Do you still have questions, Crusader?"
Crusader's Relics
"You have achieved what no knight since the legendary Divine Crusader has achieved. You have reassembled Pelinal's holy armor and weapons. You are truly the Divine Crusader reborn. You are ready to face Umaril, and destroy him, in the name of the Eight and One."
Eight and One
"Just as the Eight aided Pelinal of old, now the ascended One, Talos who was Tiber Septim, provides his Blessing to you, the new Crusader."
The Prophet: "... and so, nine knights, as the embodiment of the might of the Nine Divines, shall go forth together to face The Unfeathered. And he shall be cast down from on high, his wickedness scattered to the wind. He shall end his days as dust in the void. Go now, knights. Face the beast. Fear not death, for the Nine shall be your shield, and they shall you to rest should you fall."