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High Rock, home of the Bretons

In High Rock, Sheor, known as the Bad Man is the source of all strife. He seems to have started as the god of crop failure, but most modern theologians agree that he is a demonized version of the Nordic Shor, or Aldmeri Lorkhan born during the dark years after the fall of Saarthal.[1][2] Some sculptures created by the earlier, more elven Bretons known as the Manmeri have been found in Glenumbra, which paint what appears to be their version of Sheor before he was villainized, and pair him with Mara.[3]

Little is known of the depiction of Sheor but he has been said to be a bearded deity with Bretons swearing by Sheor's Beard.[4] Various other evocations are made in the name of Sheor by Bretons.[5][6][7][8]

In 2E 582, a circle of mages testing the boundaries of conjuration, including Curator Nicholas, Eveline Vette, and Finvir, performed the summoning of a Daedra Lord out of curiosity and the search for divine knowledge. Though it had many risks and was unauthorized by the Mages Guild, the conjurers managed to summon the Dremora Lord using a number of gems. However, the Lord killed most of the conjurers and corrupted the rest of the circle to mindlessly do its bidding. It then impersonated Sheor, calling itself the Bad Man, and made a deal with Nicholas. "Bad Man" would have the mindless followers trick gullible visitors to the tree's glen into burning food as part of the "Harvest Festival" to drain their souls and feed the tree, expanding the realm known as Bad Man's Hallows.[9][10][11] This impostor was defeated by the hero known as The Vestige, ending the vicious cycle.[11]