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Dracien Montue
Location Elden Hollow I
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Dracien Montue is a Breton member of the Mages Guild. He can be found near Elden Hollow I contemplating how to stop Canonreeve Oraneth from completing her ritual.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He will arrive with Bakkhara and Speaks-With-Lights through portals. Once you have agree to help, Dracien will comment when spoken with:

"Bakkhara refuses to deal directly with the Orcs.
We should finish them and sort out the mess later. But she fears how the Thalmor will react if the Mages Guild raised a hand against a Canonreeve. Even if that Canonreeve is acting on her own."

After the first altar is destroyed, he can be asked about his opinion on them.

"Look at this hovel. It's like the cavern itself is rotting. And the smell! I can taste it with every breath.
The Canonreeve must be dabbling in necromancy. She may even be Worm Cult. That would be fantastic."
You're sure these altars are necromantic?
"They have to be. Look at this place.
Elden Hollow was the final resting place for generations of centaurs and minotaurs. Imagine the undead army one could raise here …."

Once Nesesh gro-Mal is defeated, Dracien and his colleges will come into the chamber, ready to destroy the altar. The follow conversation will happen: When they reach the second altar, the follow conversation will happen:

Dracien Montue: "By Sheor's beard … it's a massacre in here!"
Bakkhara: "It is good work. If you want to make a stew, you must gut a few fish, no?"
Bakkhara: "Now come! Let us undo this altar."
<The mages blast the altar with their powers.>
Bakkhara: "This one still feels a presence. There must be another altar."

When Canonreeve Oraneth is defeated the mages will come into the room and observe the shadowy portal the ritual created:

Bakkhara: "So. Oraneth sold her soul completely. The Thalmor will not be happy with this."
Speaks-With-Lights: "Bakkhara, look! Just as you feared—the ritual is complete. See how the darkness gathers?"
Bakkhara: "Yes. Whatever Oraneth unleashed here may be even stronger than she. Prepare yourselves."
<They attempt to close the portal. Something else happens instead.>
Dracien Montue: "What in Oblivion was that?"
Bakkhara: "Everybody out! Oraneth would undo us all!"
<The shadow starts to spread.>
Speaks-With-Lights: "Mistress Bakkhara, what are you doing? We must go!"
Bakkhara: "No, you must go! Warn the Guild. Warn Tamriel! Quickly now—Bakkhara can't hold this forever."

Unfortunately for Dracien, he gets caught in the spreading shadow and gets pulled into the ground, chest deep. He shouts "Help! Someone help me! Sheor's beard, I didn't think today would end this badly!" before being pulled down completely.

When you find Bakkhara in the shadow realm during Consuming Darkness she will mention that the Daedra killed Dracien in front of her.

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