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Saint Vitache
Race Breton Gender Female

Saint Vitache was a revered Breton saint. She held the patronage of millers, scissor-grinders, and bathhouse attendants.[1]

As of 2E 582, the millers of Northglen held Saint Vitache in special reverence. Daily tributes to her were integrated into the responsibilities of miller's assistants, who not only operated mills to process grain into meal and flour but also maintained machinery and facilities with meticulous care, including the application of beetle-oil for lubrication.[1]


  • The name of Vitache is also used by other female Bretons, whether they are followers of the Eight Divines or of the Druidic faith.[2][3] Among the possessions of Vitache Donze of Northglen was a text dedicated to the saint Vitache.[2][4]
  • Saint Vitache's sphere of patronage could be interpreted as a sapphic allusion.[1]

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