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Lady Garick's Sacred Shield

Lady Joslin Garick was a premier Breton captain for the All Flags Navy. Aside from her exploits, she was known for what she referred to as her "Sacred Shield". She claimed her eponymous ward was blessed by a saint of Arkay, though long after her passing, legends would paint it as Arkay himself that endowed his power into it. The shield was said to preserve the wielder's life, in that no injury would befall them. The legends seemed to have some merit, for her crew would always return safely. However, the one instance she left her shield behind for safe keeping was her last voyage, as she and her crew met their demise during the All Flags Navy's assault on Thras.

Lady Garick's legacy lived on through her Sacred Shield, which was tasked to be guarded by the Order of the Sacred Shield, a knightly order based on High Isle. Only those that could pass the Trials of Worth could claim the shield for themselves. As time went on and no one could succeed, challengers stopped coming as they thought the task to be impossible. Eventually, the castle that housed the shield became ruins and served as a grave to Joslin's lover, Cynric Ginise, who refused to leave his post even during the afterlife. He was released from his post after an adventurer claimed the shield for themselves circa 2E 582, and defeated a necromancer that thought to circumvent the Trials of Worth.[1][2]

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