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Lamp of the Satakalaam[edit]

Lamp of the Satakalaam

The Lamp of the Satakalaam is a sacred ornament that dates back to the time of the Ra Gada. It is an item of importance to the Redguard culture and religion. Together with Sword of Shabnam and Majeel's Scroll, they represent the aspects of the Redguard in body, mind, and spirit. The lamp represented the spirit.

Together with two other relics, it was dedicated centuries before the time of the Three Banners War, back when the High Temple of Satakalaam was built. Since then, they have been the sacred tokens of Satakalaam's High Temple. Although all temples had relics to honor the gods, the Lamp of the Satakalaam was specific to this temple.

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Light of Day[edit]

Light of Day

A uniquely crafted iron mace with powerful enchantments that make it a bane to any vampires, as it deals large amount of damage to the undead and its enchantment is so strong it kills vampires who attempt to wield it. It was deemed important enough to be kept in the armory of the secret Tribunal cult circa 4E 201

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Lord's Mail[edit]

The Lord's Mail

The Lord's Mail (also called the Armor of Morihaus or the Gift of Kynareth) is an artifact given to mortals by Kynareth, one of the Eight Divines. It is an ancient plated adamantium, mithril, or ebony cuirass of unsurpassable quality, considered to be heavy armor. It grants the wearer the power to absorb or regenerate health, resist the effects of spells, and resist or even cure poison. It is said that whenever Kynareth deigns the wearer unworthy, the Lord's Mail will be taken away and hidden for the next chosen one. The Mail was originally owned during the Merethic Era by the bull Morihaus, a demigod and early cultural hero of the Cyro-Nordics who was closely associated with Kynareth and the Lord. The cuirass was rumored to have later been taken from Morihaus by Kynareth herself due to his arrogance. The cuirass is sacred to the Imperial Legion and the Imperial Cult, and is accepted as uniform in the Legion. Indeed, the armor has been known to bear the red dragon sigil of the Third Empire on its breastplate.