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Red Dragon Crown[edit]

The Red Dragon Crown (also called the Imperial Diadem, Imperial Crown, and Cyrodilic Crown) is the main symbol of office worn by the Emperor of Tamriel. By the time of the Third Empire, it was thought of as the main symbol of power in the Empire. However, it is simply a mundane piece of jewelry; in contrast, the Amulet of Kings was also a sacred symbol of the Empire which possessed real power.

Red Eagle's Fury[edit]

Red Eagle's Fury

Red Eagle's Fury, also known as Red Eagle's Bane was the legendary sword wielded by Faolan during his defense of the Reach against the invasion of the Imperial forces of Empress Hestra which started in 1E 1028 until his last stand against Empress Hestra's forces in 1E 1030.

Red Eagle's Fury was described as magnificent and powerful flaming blade. According to the tales of the Vateshrans, when it was wielded by Faolan, "no ring or steel could turn his blade." The sword was likened to the Shehai of the Ansei, though any direct connection between them is unclear; however, in rare circumstances, Shehai have been known to persist after the bearer's death.

According to the legends, when the Reach is free, his blade should be returned to him that he might rise and lead them again. The legend turned out to be true when Faolan's corpse was presented with the Red Eagle's Fury and the ancient king rose from his grave.

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Relics of Ahzidal[edit]

The Relics of Ahzidal are the collection of powerful artifacts created by ancient Nordic enchanter and Dragon Priest Ahzidal.

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Remnant of Argon[edit]

The Remnant of Argon as seen during a vision

The Remnant of Argon is an Argonian artifact created by the Root-Whisper Tribe of Argonians, in a last ditch effort to save both themselves and their Hist from the invading Barsaebic Ayleids. The invading Ayleids had been harvesting the souls of their tribe at an alarming rate, and so the Root-Whisper Hist sacrificed itself to create the Remnant of Argon, an amber artifact that could contain the souls of the entire tribe until the Ayleid incursion had passed. The Barsaebic Ayleids attempted to stop its creation, but were held back long enough for the Remnant to be completed.

Unfortunately, the Ayleids remained undefeated. Their leader, Myndhal, was driven mad in his quest for the Remnant, his curiosity having turned into an obsession with discovering whatever secrets the Hist had kept hidden from him. He and his mage, Houtern, created a network of portals all connected to a nexus realm in an attempt to either travel to wherever the now dormant Hist had hidden the Remnant of Argon or to break directly through into the realm of the Hists. This continued for many years, and an undead Myndhal would eventually be encountered within one of the now countless portals by the Vestige.

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Rilis Helm[edit]

The Rilis Helm

The Rilis Helm is an Aldmeri helmet that comes from the royal House Rilis of Firsthold, who hail from the Summerset Isles. The helm has been passed down for generations to the scions of the Rilis Clan, but only the pure-blooded scions are able to wear the helm and use it to its full potential. Several accounts from the Rilis Kinlords indicate that they undergo a feral-like and violent state. Those that are not a direct descendant of the royal family turn into a feral werewolf.

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Rimelink is an enchanted blade made in the style of the known Tsaesci "blood drinker" longswords: the transforming blade known as Dawnfang and Duskfang and the vampiric sword named Bloodthirst.

Like these other longswords, its crossguard and pommel are adorned with elegant jewels, its pronged blade resembles the gaping maw of a beast, and it has a snakeskin pattern that envelops the areas around the crossguard, handle, and pommel. Like Dawnfang, it has a golden snakeskin pattern, but it differs from both Dawnfang and Duskfang in that its jewel appears to be infused with a blizzard. Like Duskfang, its attacks freeze the wielders enemy, but Rimelink grants its user mastery over the power of frost, and makes enemy frost attacks laughable against Rimelink's user. The blade amplifies the power of frost attacks, draining away a target's stamina when it strikes, and its power is further magnified when the wielder is in mortal peril.

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Ring of Eidolon's Edge[edit]

Ring of Eidolon's Edge

The Ring of Eidolon's Edge is a minor artifact. It is an ebony ring made in the Daedric style, likely enchanted with the soul of a lesser Daedra. The ring magically increases the wearer's proficiency at using blades and shields. The identity of Eidolon and the origins of the ring are unknown, although a Daedric ruin named Eidolon's Hollow exists in the Deshaan region of Morrowind.

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Ring of Hircine[edit]

Ring of Hircine

The Ring of Hircine (also known as Hircine's Ring, or The Hircine Ring) is a Daedric artifact created by the Daedric Prince Hircine. In appearance, it is usually an engraved metallic ring showing the head of a wolf, although it has also been known to appear as a spiked leather buckler. The ring can temporarily give the gift of Lycanthropy to the wearer, and allows lycanthropes to control their transformations. Lycanthropes who possess the ring are not affected by the moons or by bloodlust, and can change form at will. Hircine punishes those that did not legitimately earn the ring, stripping the ring of its ability to control transformations and instead making transformations unpredictable. For non-lycanthropes, the ring is often useless, although it has been known to extend the wearer's life and allow for transformation into a werewolf. The ring is known to affect werewolves and wereboars, and likely works on other lycanthropes as well.

Ring of Khajiiti[edit]

Ring of Khajiiti

The Ring of Khajiiti (sometimes just Ring of Khajiit or Ring of the Khajiiti) is an ancient Daedric artifact, many centuries old, dating back to at least the Second Era. It is associated with two Daedric Princes, Meridia and Mephala, who have both been known to offer the Ring in return for service. It is said that the ring makes the wearer invisible, silent, and quick.

The Ring was originally owned by Mephala, until it was stolen off her arm by Rajhin, the renowned burglar who later became revered as the Thief God of the Khajiit. Using the Ring's powers, Rajhin became the most successful burglar in Elsweyr's history. It is even said that Rajhin stole a tattoo from the neck of Empress Kintyra as she slept. Eventually, after making use of its power too freely, Rajhin was abandoned by the Ring and left exposed to his enemies.

Ring of Namira[edit]

Ring of Namira

The Ring of Namira is a Daedric artifact bestowed by Namira upon those who do her bidding. The ring has been known to, at times, reflect damage back onto an attacker, while at other times being able to increase a person's stamina and restore their health if the wearer cannibalizes a corpse.

Ring of Phynaster[edit]

Ring of Phynaster

The Ring of Phynaster is an artifact of Phynaster, the Hero-God of the Altmer. The ring was created by Phynaster who needed security while surviving his adventurous lifestyle. Because of this, Phynaster lived for hundreds of years, and it has since been passed from people to people. The ring has become synonymous with Phynaster, so much so that it will not stay with anyone, other than Phynaster himself. When it is kept long enough, it will disappear to another resting place, for the next adventurer. The ring was lost to Phynaster when he was killed by the Wharf Rats, a group of outlaws and cutthroats. The ring would be passed through the hundred of Wharf Rat headquarters, and a charm was cast onto the ring, so that it would always move to another Wharf Rat storehouse.

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Ring of Surroundings[edit]

Ring of Surroundings

The Ring of Surroundings is very mysterious. Almost all that is known about it is that it grants the user the ability to blend into their surroundings.

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Ring of the Wind[edit]

Ring of the Wind

The Ring of the Wind is an enchanted ring from the province of Elsweyr. It is a legendary artifact associated with Kynareth, the Goddess of the Winds, or Zenithar, the God of Work and Commerce. Very little information is known about the ring, other than the fact that it grants the wearer great speed.

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Ring of the Wild Hunt[edit]

Ring of the Wild Hunt

The Ring of the Wild Hunt is an ancient ring which plagues the wearer's dreams with frightful images of hunters and prey. In exchange, it blesses the wearer with Y'ffre's swiftness, increasing the speed of whomever possesses it.

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Rings of Lordship[edit]

A Ring of Lordship

The Rings of Lordship are two little-known enchanted rings, each one held by the respective rulers of Mania and Dementia, the two halves of the Shivering Isles. The rings act as a symbol of office, something which carries great weight in the Isles. The Manic ring is purple with yellow and pink gemstones shaped into a flower, and possesses a powerful enchantment which fortifies the wearer's personality and disease resistance while also granting a magical shield. The Demented ring is dark and spiked with a purple gem, and grants its wearer a strong chameleon effect while also fortifying endurance and poison resistance. One of the rings may also sometimes be silver and spiked in appearance, with yellow gemstones.

Rings of the Werewolves[edit]

Rings of the Werewolves

The Rings of the Werewolves are the collection of four silver rings personally blessed by the Daedric Prince of Hunt Hircine circa 3E 427, during the Great Hunt on Solstheim. The collection is composed of Ring of Bloodlust, Ring of Instinct, Ring of the Hunt, and Ring of the Moon.

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Robe of the Lich[edit]

Robe of the Lich (on a Breton female)

The Robe of the Lich belonged to Gedna Relvel, an infamous priestess in Mournhold who was condemned for studying and practicing forbidden magics. However, she had turned herself into a lich and survived beneath the city for untold years.

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Rootmender's Staff[edit]

The Rootmender's Staff as seen during a vision

The Rootmender's Staff, formerly known as the Sap-Speaker's Staff, was an artifact entrusted to the Vestige during their expedition in Murkmire by Sap-Speaker Kuzei of the former Root-Whisper Tribe. It was materialized out of a lifelike vision of the past into reality. It was quickly snatched by the traitorous Kassandra with the intent of using it to locate another artifact known as the Remnant of Argon, which contained the souls of the former Root Whisper Tribe.

With the Rootmender's Staff, Kassandra attempted to delay the Vestige by concentrating powerful Hist energy beams towards them, but that was not enough to fend them off, so they fled deeper into the xanmeer. She found the Remnant of Argon further in the Vakka-Bok xanmeer, creating a Miregaunt around herself. She took control of it and used it against the Vestige, who had to put her down. After Celebrations of their victory over the Blackguards, both artifacts retrieved, reformation of the Root-Whisper Tribe, the Argonians of Murkmire granted the Vestige the Rootmender's staff along with the title of Rootmender.

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Rueful Axe[edit]

Rueful Axe

The Rueful Axe is a Daedric artifact created by the Daedric Prince, Clavicus Vile, as part of a terrible bargain. It takes the form of a large iron battleaxe engraved with images of werewolves, although it is actually made of ebony. It is enchanted to steal the strength of anything it strikes, as well as a bane for beasts.

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Ruin's Edge[edit]

Ruin's Edge

Ruin's Edge is a Mazken dark bow associated with Syl, Duchess of Dementia at the beginning of the Greymarch of 3E 433. The fabled bow applies a random enchantment to each arrow; it has been known to cause paralysis, silence, demoralization, frenzy, burden, and frost damage, and to drain magicka. The bow itself is ribbed Daedric ebony inlaid with a moving eyeball.