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Daedric Crescent[edit]

The Daedric Crescent

The Daedric Crescent Blade (also called a Battle-scythe blade) is a Daedric artifact created by the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. It has the power to paralyze those it strikes, and puts heavy wear on their armor; it has also been known to create a green ball of energy, but its effects are unknown. There were once many Crescents, which were used by Dagon's forces to take the Battlespire during the Imperial Simulacrum. When the Empire later reclaimed the ruined academy, the Crescents were gathered up and destroyed - all but one. Unknown to the Empire, one of the unique blades remained in existence somewhere in Tamriel, although none had ever seen it..

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Dagger of Symmachus[edit]

The Dagger of Symmachus

The Dagger of Symmachus is the Dunmeri-styled glass ceremonial dagger of General Symmachus, the husband of Queen Barenziah. Because of its history, it is considered a treasure to the people of Mournhold. The dagger has a high durability and is enchanted to enchance the user's short blade skills, endurance, and reflect hostile spells cast upon the user.

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Dark Heart[edit]

The Dark Heart

The Dark Heart, also known as the Frightful Heart, is an artifact associated with Namira through some of the cultural interpretations of Lorkhan, specifically Lorkh and Lorkhaj. Physically appearing as a sphere of darkness surrounded by a radiant aquamarine corona, it is a piece of primal Void trapped on Nirn that warps existence around it. According to ancient Khajiit, Namira became a shadowy imitation of Lorkhan's heart, while Reach belief holds that the darkness left his heart after his sacrifice for the creation of the realm of flesh. Regardless, Lorkhan's real heart was flung towards what is now Vvardenfell and created Red Mountain, while the Dark Heart found its way into the depths of Blackreach and remains under the influence of Namira.

The Dark Heart offers a pathway into the Void, and its power is increased by consuming souls, banishing them to that place between worlds.

Those tied to the heart describe hearing intrusive whispers, and can feel its pulsing and throbbing which grows stronger as the Heart becomes more powerful. Additionally, the power of the Dark Heart can be drawn from at the risk of being consumed by it. Those who tap into the Dark Heart's power may experience uncanny physical side effects. In the case of the Nighthollow Clan, their vampiric appearance was overshadowed: their skin grew dull and grey, and black ichor swirled within their eyes. The clan's matriarch, a Vampire Lord, developed glowing green eyes and flesh seemingly devoured by a creeping darkness when she transformed.

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Dawnbreaker is a Daedric artifact created by the Daedric Prince Meridia. It was forged "in a holy light that breaks upon" the Prince's foes. In appearance it is a longsword containing a distinctive light emitting crystal in its cross-guard known as the Dawnstar Gem. It was created with the intention of "burning away corruption and false life". As such, it is particularly effective against Meridia's "foes": this primarily applies to the undead, although its powers can also be used on Daedra and werewolves.

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Dawnfang and Duskfang[edit]

Dawnfang and Duskfang

Dawnfang and Duskfang, and their superior variants, Dawnfang Superior and Duskfang Superior, are four forms taken by an evidently sentient Tsaesci "blood drinker" longsword. Dawnfang and Duskfang's serpent-like appearance and transformation capabilities are reminiscent to traits that the Tsaesci are rumored to have. The sword has a sinister purpose: corrupting its wielder, as well as forcing a dependency on them. It also craves the lifeforce and magicka of the victims it slays.

Dawnfang and Duskfang's design is intricate in all its forms, an example being its crossguard and pommel that are adorned with elegant jewels, placed as if to seduce a person into wielding it. More fitting of its nature is its pronged blade that resembles the gaping maw of a beast, and the golden snakeskin pattern that envelops the areas around its crossguard, handle, and pommel. The forms' physical similarities diverge from there thanks to the sword's transformative capabilities. At dawn, the sword becomes Dawnfang, whose jewels become infused with orange flames and burns to those that it strikes. At dusk, the sword becomes Duskfang, and its jewels become infused with blue cold flames, but the pommel's jewel may differ from the rest as its flames can be in either a blue or purple color. Nonetheless, the form freezes those it strikes.

The sword's superior forms are achieved by "feeding" the sword after every transformation. It informs its wielder through a mental connection how many lives it must claim before it is satisfied. If twelve enemies are killed with the sword over the twelve-hour period, the next transformation will result in the Superior variant. Dawnfang Superior is engulfed in orange flames around its blade and absorbs the health from those that it strikes, while Duskfang Superior is engulfed in cold flames around its blade and drains enemies of their magicka reserves. The sword instantly repairs itself and recharges its enchantments when it transforms. When the sword is not wielded, its jewels turns into a black void-like color, as if inactive and resting.

Deadland Hammer[edit]

Deadland Hammer

The Deadland Hammer is a Daedric artifact linked to Mehrunes Dagon and the Deadlands. In the Second Era, it was found in the Darkpool Mine by the Claws of Daegon—a Khajiit cult dedicated to Merrunz. When used with the right reagents, it was said to be capable of summoning Iron Atronachs. Physical contact with hammer was reported to be uncomfortable and even harmful when handled for an extended period of time.

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Death Dealer's Fete[edit]

Death Dealer's Fete

The Death Dealer's Fete is a signet ring associated with the Daedric Prince Sanguine. The ring is cursed, allowing one to hear a glimpse of some revelry in the dead of night, full of laughter and anguished screams. Its enchantment, Escalating Fete, invigorates the wielder during conflicts, increasing higher the longer they are locked into combat. Its intended purpose is believed to be for preventing exhaustion during sex.

It is believed to have been forged in the mid-First Era, and like many rings of that time, has a crude fastening system with heavy handed smithing that makes its silver prongs near unbreakable. The artifact's power comes from the various components that make up the ring's anatomy. The prongs themselves serve as conduits for siphoning magicka. They hold the center stone, an excessively huge and asymmetrical blood-red ruby that is warm to the touch and resonates with great power. The ring's shank is designed for discomfort, as it features minuscule barbs. This design choice is also present within other rings that Sanguine gives to mortals that attend his parties. These rings were enchanted to unexpectedly tighten to prevent exhaustion, though it is unknown if the Fete itself also has this enchantment. The base contains a faded inscription which, when touched, inspires reckless indulgence. The bridge was sculpted to resemble a fanged maw; its open spaces are thought to have once held jewels.

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Debaser is a shortsword with blue inlaid writing, and enchanted to drain a victim's Willpower and Endurance. Little to nothing is known about the artifact itself.

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Denstagmer's Ring[edit]

Denstagmer's Ring

Denstagmer's Ring is very mysterious. Almost all that is known about it is that it grants the user protection against various types of elemental harm. Even the name Denstagmer is a mystery.

The last living dwarf, Yagrum Bagarn, at one point befriended the sorcerer Divayth Fyr. At Fyr's behest, Yagrum Bagarn wrote a book that would later be known as Tamrielic Lore from the notes that he gathered over the centuries, listing Denstagmer's Ring among various items of "unimaginable significance". By the Interregnum, copies of this book circulated throughout Tamriel, providing some general information on the artifact to its readers.

Circa 3E 427, the Nerevarine reportedly found the ring in a ceremonial ash urn belonging to a D. Bryant in the Falas Ancestral Tomb, which is located in the West Gash region of Vvardenfell. The ring was later lost. It was found in a body of water by the Last Dragonborn while fishing circa 4E 201.

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Diadem of Diagna[edit]

The Diadem of Diagna is a symbol of office for the High King of Hammerfell, named for Diagna. Each monarch of the Phyllocid Dynasty is adorned with the Diadem when graced with the title of the High King, such as Ar-Azal did during his coronation upon the Throne of Hegathe.

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Draconian Madstone[edit]

Draconian Madstone

The Draconian Madstone is an ancient Akaviri amulet said to grant the wearer protection from disease and poison.

For thousands of years, it was lost in the ruins of Pale Pass.

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Dragon Priest Masks[edit]

Konahrik, one of the masks

The masks of the Dragon Priests are strange artifacts created by the dragons in the Merethic Era. The highest ranking priests of the Dragon Cult were granted magical masks that defy the laws of time and possess powerful, mysterious enchantments. The individual masks are made of varying materials, and each bears the same name as the Dragon Priest that possessed it. The names are in the dragon language, and can be translated. The number of masks in existence is unknown, and some are apparently older than others. The masks were buried with their owners, until in 4E 201 the return of the dragons caused many of the undead Dragon Priests to awake from their slumber.

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Dragonbane is an Akaviri katana which is especially effective against dragons. Magical lightning flickers across the blade and helps make it effective against other types of enemies as well.

Dragonbane was a weapon of the Blades, perhaps dating back to the time of the Dragonguard. When the Blades were forced to seal off and abandon their ancient stronghold in Skyrim, Sky Haven Temple, the blade was left within.

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Dragonbone Mail[edit]

Dragonbone Mail

The Dragonbone Mail, or the Dragonbone Cuirass, is thought to be one of the greatest artifacts any collector or hero could own. While many fine pieces of armor have been constructed with real dragon bone, the Dragonbone Mail was enchanted by the first Imperial Battlemage of Tiber Septim, Zurin Arctus, in the early years of the Third Era. It's described as a truly exquisite piece of work, and many have sought to possess it.

The properties of the cuirass allow the wearer to resist fire, and to damage an enemy with a blast of fire. Little is known about the involvement of Zurin Arctus with the enchantment of the cuirass, but an old tale speaks of a debt that he owed to a traveling warrior. Like the warrior, the Dragonbone Mail never stays put for long.

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The Dragonstone

The Dragonstone is a stone tablet that depicts a map of Skyrim, marked with the locations of Dragon burial mounds. It was crafted following the Dragon War and was meant to document the burial of the Dragon-Lords in Skyrim for when Alduin returned. It was created in the days that followed Alduin's defeat in the Dragon War. It was protected by the Keeper of the Dragonstone, a Draugr, in his tomb at Bleak Falls Barrow.

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The Anequina Dragonhorn

Dragonhorns are legendary artifacts crafted primarily by the Dragonguard, used as weapons against the Dragons. They are magical warhorns carved out of the horns of dragons, inscribed with various arcane runes, and are capable of producing a tonal sound that incapacitates dragons. They however will have no effect if used against the dragon the horn originated from. Widely manufactured in the late First Era by the Dragonguard, dragonhorns were gifted to key locations for their protection and are rare to find. They are considerably fragile, and can break instantaneously and crumble to dust after just a few uses. Lunar energy can be diverted into dragonhorns to charge them up with the arcane power capable of hindering dragons. The portable mouthpiece portion of a dragonhorn is called a Combat Dragonhorn.

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Dragon's Blight[edit]

Dragon's Blight

The Dragon's Blight is a legendary battle axe imbued with power that lets it bypass the physical defenses of those it strikes. It was also a potent weapon against the Dragons. According to the legend, the Aedra themselves forged this devastating weapon at the end of the Merethic Era, but the exact reason why has been lost to time.

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Dreamworld Amulet[edit]

Dreamworld Amulet

The Dreamworld Amulet is a dangerous magical device created by Henantier of the Mages Guild in 3E 433. It allows the wearer to enter their own mind and control their dreams. Henantier designed the amulet as an unsanctioned experiment, with the intent of bettering himself by using his dreams as a personal training ground; however, he became trapped in his dreams and was unable to wake up.

Kud-Ei, the chapter head of Bravil and a good friend of Henantier's, recruited a stranger to help rescue him and avoid repercussions from the Mages Guild. The stranger used the amulet to enter Henantier's Dreamworld and helped him recover his patience, courage, resolve, and perception, which allowed him to realize his situation and wake up. With the death of the dreamer, all those who share the dream die as well, making the amulet very dangerous and unlikely to see further use.

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Duplici Gladio[edit]

The Duplici Gladio, wielded by Ihudir

The Duplici Gladio is a two handed sword associated with the Daedric Prince Boethiah. After it was recovered from Morrowind by the Imperial Legion during the Four-Score War, it became infamous, as betrayal tended to follow on its path. The artifact has the ability to create copies of both itself and their bearer. Although these duplicates may obey their wielder, they have a will of their own, and their true fealty is to the Prince of Plots.

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