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The Obscuros

The Obscuros is a scrying artifact that enhances the user's Sight and projects their visions in the form of holographic constructs for anyone to see. It is said to be the most powerful scrying device on Tamriel. It was used and protected by the ancient Psijics before being deactivated and hidden to prevent its misuse, being relocated to the island of Dranil Kir and locked away with magical traps. The artifacts' presence on the island made it infamously plagued by severe weather.

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Obsidian Husk[edit]

The Obsidian Husk

The Obsidian Husk is a magical stone associated with Mephala. In appearance it is a transparent black crystal with the Daedric letter "Oht" carved into it. The origin of the artifact is shrouded in mystery. Some believe it to be a fragment of Oblivion, having followed a visiting Daedra from that plane. Others believe it to be magical in nature, containing a trapped shred of Mephala's essence.

The Husk has formidable powers and two known functions, which were discovered and passed down by members of the Spider Cult. Additional spells may be tied to the artifact, but the Husk never stays in the possession of a single individual for long. Members of Mephala's Cult have been known to scheme and battle over it. It can create and control all manner of shades from minor shadowlings to creatures of complexity, aberrant intellect, and untold power. The most powerful Spider Cultists have found that they can use the Husk to enchant others. The afflicted are shrouded in shadow, and granted supernatural agility and strength, but lose their minds—these "shades" follow the beck and call of the Obsidian Husk's master.

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Oghma Infinium[edit]

The Oghma Infinium

The Oghma Infinium, also known as the Tome of Power, the Librum of Knowledge, and the Book that Knows, is an ancient tome of knowledge, and an artifact of great power. It was written by Xarxes, the scribe of Auri-El, who had been granted the knowledge within by Hermaeus Mora. The name of the tome comes from Oghma, the wife of Xarxes, whom he created from his favorite moments in history. The knowledge within the tome grants the reader access to the artifact's energy, which can be manipulated to achieve near demi-god abilities. The reader is instantly bombarded with a knowledge intake that could hemorrhage the brains of lesser mortals. The Paths of Steel, Shadow and Spirit are the three main sections of the tome. Once the Oghma Infinium is used, it disappears from its owner's possession.

Opal Charm[edit]

The Opal Charm

The Opal Charm is an artifact associated with the Daedric Prince Meridia, which has been enchanted to pull light directly from her realm of the Colored Rooms; this light is capable of temporarily manifesting physical objects when mastered. Reflecting its creator's obsession for conformity, the charm also unifies the lifeforce of the artifact bearer and their followers, not allowing any to die till the wearer is slain. In appearance, it is an engraved egg-sized opal that is cast in gold, and hung around a chain. Even while inactive, it is capable of illuminating an entire shrine.

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Orb of Vaermina[edit]

The Orb of Vaermina

The Orb of Vaermina, named for its patron, was an orb apparently used for scrying. At some point before 3E 433, it was in the possession of a wizard named Arkved, by whom it was apparently "snatched from the dreams of [Vaermina's] followers".. It was recovered by Vaermina's champion, who received the Skull of Corruption in return.

According to the Moth Priest Kellen, the Orb was used by Lord Naarifin—then in the service of Boethiah—to spy on Titus Mede II and his armies. It was recovered by the Forgotten Hero from the Emperor's chambers, who either destroyed or kept it.

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Orbs of B'Raken Drel[edit]

K'Tora with the Orbs of B'Raken Drel

The Orbs of B'Raken Drel are three ancient matching relics believed to have originated in the Sea of Pearls. The Psijic Order long suspected they were connected to the Sea Sload of Ul'vor Kus. This suspicion turned out to be true when in 2E 582 a Sea Sload named K'Tora used the Orbs to enhance his mind magic to delve into Ritemaster Iachesis's deepest memories.[1][2]

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Orichalc Scalpel[edit]

The Orichalc Scalpel was an enchanted broadsword wielded by King Emeric Cumberland. Its owner described it as flashing and humming "like a blade in a sawmill". During an engagement against a group of Oldgate Lancers, Emeric, without his armor for protection, cut through several of the Lancers with the aid of this blade and his personal guard. This would prove to be the turning point of an attempt to breach Wayrest during a siege of the city, forcing the attackers to continue their siege.[3] Its name suggests that is was made of orichalcum.

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Osseous Crux[edit]

The Osseous Crux (or Vanishing Crux) is a mysterious artifact constructed from the bones of some enormous, unknown beast, bound together with twisted fibrous cords. It is approximately as wide and tall as two men in size, with its surface covered in glyphs, figures, and writing in multiple scripts, including an unknown dialect of Ayleidoon. It caused random blasts of elemental energies in its vicinity, noted to be magical power far beyond the known limits of destruction magic in the Common Era. Its creators and intended purposes are unknown, the only clues being partial translations mentioning Aetherial potency, life energy, and harnessing light and shadows.

The Crux was discovered on the shores of the Abecean Sea near Hegathe during the Interregnum. It was later relocated to Mages Guild facilities in Sentinel, which proved to be difficult due to the detonations. Within three weeks of relocation, the Crux disappeared from its inhibition chamber.

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