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The Obsidian Husk

The Obsidian Husk is a magical stone associated with Mephala.[1] In appearance it is a transparent black crystal with the Daedric letter "Oht" carved into it.[2] The origin of the artifact is shrouded in mystery. Some believe it to be a fragment of Oblivion, having followed a visiting Daedra from that plane. Others believe it to be magical in nature, containing a trapped shred of Mephala's essence.[1]

The Husk has formidable powers and two known functions, which were discovered and passed down by members of the Spider Cult. Additional spells may be tied to the artifact, but the Husk never stays in the possession of a single individual for long. Members of Mephala's Cult have been known to scheme and battle over it. It can create and control all manner of shades from minor shadowlings to creatures of complexity, aberrant intellect, and untold power. The most powerful Spider Cultists have found that they can use the Husk to enchant others. The afflicted are shrouded in shadow, and granted supernatural agility and strength, but lose their minds—these "shades" follow the beck and call of the Obsidian Husk's master.[1][3]

In 2E 582, the Spider Cult uncovered the location of the Obsidian Husk in Fungal Grotto, a cave in the western Stonefalls. To their chagrin, it was the site of an ongoing battle between the Murkwater goblin tribe and a host of dreugh. Their leader, Vila Theran, enlisted the help of the Undaunted to get rid of the cave's inhabitants. Once the dreugh and the goblins were taken care of, the cult unsealed the Spinner's shrine and took up residence in the grotto.[4] The Fighters Guild took notice of the Spider Cult's assault on the indigenous goblins of the grotto, and sent a contingent of soldiers to investigate. The guild discovered that the Cult had been using the Husk to enslave travelers and create enchanted warriors. The Undaunted once again returned to Fungal Grotto, defeated the cultists, took the Obsidian Husk, and killed Vila Theran. The Fighters Guild defender who petitioned the mercenaries managed to disenchant the Obsidian Husk during the battle, and presumably destroyed it.[2][3]


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