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Vampiric Ring[edit]

Vampiric Ring

The Vampiric Ring is one of the more deadly and rare artifacts in Tamriel. It is said to have the power to steal its victim's health and grant it to the wearer. Its exact nature and origin is wholly unknown, but it's thought to have been created long ago in Morrowind by a cult of vampire followers. It is extremely rare, and is only seen every few hundred cycles of the moons.

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Veloth's Judgement[edit]

Veloth's Judgement

Veloth's Judgement (also called the Judgment of Saint Veloth) is the magical Daedric warhammer Saint Veloth wielded during his exodus from Summerset. This symbol of power stood for everything Veloth embodied. Veloth's Judgment was said to have rang with authority throughout the land. Its enchantments could cleanse corruption from the souls of those it struck down.

Veloth's precision with the hammer was such that he could remove the corruption from a soul and leaving the remainder alive and healthy. The warhammer stored the corruption for a time, turning it into energy that could be used by the wielder to enhance the power of the weapon. Veloth saw fit to set aside this weapon when he vowed to turn his attention from war to the task of building a new home for the Chimer in Resdayn.

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Vengeful Eye[edit]

The Vengeful Eye is an amulet associated with the Daedric Prince Malacath; it is a relic sacred to both the Orcs and Reachfolk of the Winterborn clan. It is a plain amulet carved with the symbol of an eye. Dried blood appears to be caked inside the etching. Those who have it in their possession are said to carry Malacath's favor. It was first given by Malacath to his mortal followers, and this artifact would be passed down by combat, the one who slain the bearer claiming the artifact. It is capable of influencing those who have it in their possession. Two Orcish brothers once attempted to destroy the relic, only for it to whisper to one of them, and influencing one brother to betray the other. Soon after, the relic fell into the possession of Mercedene, one of the Winterborn and Beast of the Reach.

It would eventually be buried within the tomb of Honor's Rest. In 2E 582, the Winterborn attempted to retrieve the relic from the tomb, so they could march upon Orsinium and the Orcish Strongholds, in what was referred to as the Vengeful March. Due to the intervention of one of the Winterborn, Kyrtos and his ally, the Vestige it would be secured before that could happen. Its unclear if the relic was given to the Priests of Malacath in Orsinium, destroyed, or if the Vestige took it to a shrine of Malacath and received Malacath's favor and blessing to keep the amulet.

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Vivec's Ash Mask[edit]

Vivec's Ash Mask

Vivec's Ash Mask, also known simply as the Mask of Vivec, is a holy relic of the Dunmeri god Vivec that was once kept in the temple of Gnisis, where it attracted pilgrims from all over Morrowind for the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces. The mask was created in the early days of the return of the Sharmat Dagoth Ur. When he rained the blight and ash among the Dunmer people, Vivec helped his people flee and gathered them to the site of modern day Gnisis where they could rest. When they awoke, all of the Dunmeri people and even Lord Vivec himself were encased in casts of ash. Vivec, overwhelmed with grief, shed tears which weakened his ash cast and he was able to free himself and all of his people and then revive them and cure them of the blight. The mask was the center of one of the Shrines of the Seven Graces known specifically as the Shrine of Justice. The sacred Mask was left in Gnisis after Vivec made a potion there to cure a villager who had fallen ill but could not pay for the healing. The Mask served as his promise that the Temple would always cure those who could not pay. Touching it would cure people of their common and blight diseases.

It is one of the Masks of the Tribunal, the other two being Almalexia's War Mask, and the Mask of Sotha Sil.

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Volendrung, also known as the Hammer of Might, is an ancient artifact created by the Dwarven Rourken clan. It is known to manifest as either a warhammer of Dwarven Metal, or ebony. For unknown reasons, Volendrung became a Daedric artifact of Malacath. It earns its name with its capability to demolish even the walls of enemy keeps with ease. It is enchanted with the ability to paralyze foes to an extent that is comparable to that of a Medusa's gaze. It is also known for draining those it strikes of their strength, conferring it to the wielder. The hammer is prone to disappearing like its Dwarven creators, sometimes resurfacing in days, sometimes in eons.