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Ice Blade of the Monarch[edit]

Ice Blade of the Monarch

The Ice Blade of the Monarch (or simply the Ice Blade) is a claymore prized by Tamrielians. Using the soul of a Frost Monarch, the Archmage Almion Celmo of the Summerset Isles enchanted the claymore of the great warrior Thurgnarr Assi, who attempted to use it to commit regicide in some distant land, and become the new ruler. The assassination failed and Almion Celmo was imprisoned. The sword freezes all who feel its edge, and goes from owner to owner, never settling for long.

Found in:

Indigo Tomes[edit]

The Indigo Tomes (or Indigo Scrolls) are a mysterious collection of tomes found somewhere in the vaults Necrom. They are very difficult to access, though a young Ayrenn managed to read them by disguising herself as a Dunmer sneaking into the vault.

The existence of the Indigo Tomes was kept secret for centuries by the Keepers of the Dead. According to Divayth Fyr's correspondence with a questioner whose question was asked as a part of the ongoing series of the University of Gwylim, the offhand mention of the tomes by the Headmaster Tanion of the College of Aldmeri Propriety has caused the Keepers a small amount of grief. He also threatened the questioner in his response.

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