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Gambolpuddy, also known as the Ambiguous Glove, is an extravagant right glove belonging to Sheogorath, one of the Daedric Princes seen as the Bad Daedra. It fortifies abilities (Agility, Intelligence, Personality, Luck) at the cost of draining others (Endurance, Speed, Strength, Willpower). Its main role is ceremonial, and is to be used as a sacrificial offering to Sheogorath's shrine in Ald Daedroth, in order renew a pact with Sheogorath to limit his influence on the Dunmeri people. Gambolpuddy is not limited to the confines of Ald Daedroth, and is known to be a recurring artifact.

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Gauldur Amulet[edit]

Gauldur Amulet

The Gauldur Amulet was originally owned by the powerful wizard Archmage Gauldur during the First Era. His three sons Jyrik, Sigdis and Mikrul grew resentful of their father's power and murdered him in his sleep sometime during the reign of High King Harald (1E 143-1E 221). They divided his amulet between them and laid waste to the surrounding villages until the High King sent Archmage Geirmund and a company of battlemages to stop them.

After the three brothers were defeated, they were sealed away with the pieces of the amulet. The High King ordered that the whole affair be stricken from history, fearful of the terrible power of Gauldur's amulet, but the "Forbidden Legend" managed to live on through the ages.

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Glamoril (also spelled Glamorill, and meaning "secret of life" in Elvish) was a powerful artifact created by Archmagus Shalidor. The great and mysterious treasure was said to have been stolen from Akatosh himself by Archmagus Shalidor. The massive maze Labyrinthian was built in the early First Era around the ancient city of Bromjunaar to guard Glamoril, according to some stories. While stories have persisted since the First Era and none have ever been able to confirm the existence of Glamoril or its purpose or function, Shalidor considered it one of his finest achievements. When he began work on the artifact, he reached a critical juncture where even his knowledge and power failed him, and needing more he turned to Sheogorath.

The College of Winterhold hypothesized that this secret of life he possessed, whatever it was, may have been the catalyst for the practically unbelievable number of writings he produced on a vast array of topics, which demonstrated an understanding of magic that surpassed almost any of either his age or by those as far as the Fourth Era. Other theories by the College include that it perhaps allowed him to live multiple lifetimes in a short span of time, or increased his intelligence and knowledge in ways unfathomable to others. The College was always searching for more of Shalidor's writings in an attempt to understand both their knowledge of the man, and of magic in general."

Glass Bow of the Stag Prince[edit]

Glass Bow of the Stag Prince

The Glass Bow of the Stag Prince is a bow made of Malachite. Its exact origins are unknown. The weapon is imbued with an enchantment that bestows the Blessing of Hircine, the Stag Prince upon the wielder. The boon it grants increases the physical attributes of the wielder, namely their vitality and stamina. The powers granted by the Blessing of Stag Prince grow in potency the more game is hunted with the bow.

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The Goldbrand is an ancient artifact created by the dragons of the North which takes the form of a golden katana. According to legends, they first bestowed the blade upon the Nordic warrior Sivdur, (ancestor to the modern Battle-Born clan) who was sworn to protect them. It contains the power of the Daedric Prince Boethiah, and burns those that it strikes.

Golden Scab[edit]

The Golden Scab is a curio associated with Peryite.

Circa 2E 582, it was last known to be in the possession of Gazmod the Collector, a watcher residing in Fargrave, alongside the Toxicruciform and Bilious Censer. Eorda, a worshiper of Peryite, believed that she could gain Peryite's favor by somehow recovering these artifacts for her lord.

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Gray Cowl of Nocturnal[edit]

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is a daedric artifact that once belonged to Nocturnal. It takes the form of a dark leather cowl, which obscures the face of the wearer. Nocturnal is revered as a god by thieves across Tamriel. Her reputation as the Mistress of Shadows has sometimes led thieves to attempt to steal an item from her to prove their greatness. As Nocturnal is usually depicted wearing a cloak and a cowl, it is around these two items that legends have arisen. The story of the theft of Nocturnal's cloak is probably fiction, as is at least one story of the theft of the cowl, but the cowl is known to have left her possession. It appears to have been stolen by Emer Dareloth, a guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, although a curse bestowed upon the cowl by Nocturnal meant that the name of cowl's owner is lost to mortal memory. "Whosoever wears it shall be lost in the shadows. His true nature shall be unknown to all who meet him. His identity shall be struck from all records and histories. Memory will hide in the shadows, refusing to record the name of the owner to any who meet him. He shall be known by the cowl and only by the cowl." This curse was broken when history was rewritten through the use of an Elder Scroll.

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The Groundsplitters are a pair of sabatons associated with the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. Their enchantment reflects their creator's obsession with destruction: this artifact causes the wearer's strides to be comparable to that of a Giant, despite a lack of significant weight when not worn. These sollerets are essentially a weapon capable of turning those it kicks into paste. On a larger scale, a forceful stomp is capable of creating fissures; should the bearer of this artifact be careless, they can end up a statistic in a catastrophe of their own making.

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